Well hello.

Welcome to one of my many little spots on the interwebs!

My name is Hazel and I'm currently located in Orlando, FL. I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and moved to Florida to chase my dream of working at Disney. Which I did! For a number of years and they were the best years of my life! I believe in magic and pixie dust. I both suffer and am recovering from depressing and an anxiety disorder known as OCD, it depends on what day it is that determines if I'm suffering or recovering. The last 3 years have been incredibly rough and I'm just now in a place where I'm able to rebuild my life for myself (and well, my adopted cat Sophie; you can follow her on instagram @sophietherescuecat). I graduated in Social Media Communications at Full Sail University and may or may not be completing my BA in Communications as well.

I'm obsessed with makeup, books, video games, candles, Disney, food, owls, anything cute and glittery and laughing... at myself.

This blog is in the middle of a major rebranding so stay tuned!

Email me for anything! Except for penis enlargement pills because I don't want them. Sorry.

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