Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Hello 2020 ✨

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?

Pregnancy caught up with me and then so did postpartum depression. And then I lost my dad. So blogging and social media took a huge back burner in 2019.

I obviously didn’t get to post all the recap posts I wanted to do so I’ll be doing that through out January.

Most of my resolutions this year have to do with wellness so that’s what I picked for my {onelittleword} this year.

A few other resolutions include;
↠ Finish school
↠ Create a space for PPD
↠ Cook more
↠ Financial health
↠ Purchase with purpose
↠ Read 20 books
↠ Project pan 
↠ Work on myself — internally 
↠ Ignore drama + people’s opinions
↠ Be So confident in my own perception of myself that I won’t believe anything less
↠ Eat better
↠ Create content
↠ Become a Disney content creator
↠ Write reviews
↠ Learn Spanish
↠ Take steps to the 3yr plan everyday 
↠ Get back to meditation
↠ Get back to Yoga
↠ Travel 3 times
↠ Do one big act of self care every month

I’m hoping to stop by more often, especially with me wanting to go back to writing reviews.

Here’s to a productive and healthy 2020 ✨!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Life | Valentines Day Gifts 2019

Early on in our relationship I made it a point to tell Bubba I wanted to be asked to be his Valentine; I didn't want him to assume that just because we were dating he didn't have to ask.

I don't know why I have this thing besides that I've never really been asked to BE someone's Valentine before. Hell I never really even HAD a Valentine's Day until Bubba came along. I use to use Valentine's Day as a day to spoil myself. My mom would get me gifts every since I was little and flowers every year though so I never really cared if I had a Valentine or not.

Even in the 11 years I was previously married we never really celebrated Valentine's Day. I did have a self tradition of having a Valentine's Day outfit. I figured if I wasn't gonna celebrate it, I might as well wear something nice that day. Plus pink is one of my favorite colors.

This year I randomly came out to the kitchen and saw this set up and Bubba asked me for a third time to be his Valentine ♡.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Food | Olive Garden Spring Menu

Bubba recently took me to Olive Garden for lunch after his surgery (a story for another time) and we noticed a few new-ish items.

Granted it had been a few months since we were last at Olive Garden but I figure: I've never actually expressed my love for Olive Garden on this blog before!

I guess long background short is I use to take myself in lunch dates here when I lived in Cali and wanted time to be alone. It's always been my comfort place and my comfort food. So OG holds a bit of meaning for me.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Hazel Hauls | Lush Spring

Bubba has been spoiling craaaaaap out of me when it comes to Lush the last few trips. There's a bunch of great things he got me!

The first set of things he got me was a bit of skincare-y stuff. He got me the two solid soap bars at the top; I wish I could remember what they were called but when we were in store it was on sale buy one get one free the green one smells like limes and the orange one smells like oranges and it easily splits in half. He also got me the two shower bombs at the bottom: Sleepy and Not Sleepy. These things are so interesting.

I've tried the Sleepy Shower Bomb so far. These things are so interesting!

The thing that's missing is the Sleepy Shower Gel and Scrubee!

This was one of the biggest reason why we went into Lush. Bubba got me the Sleepy body lotion last year and I wasn't that big of a fan, I don't like how it makes your skin feel chalky after it dries down but I love how there's glitter in the pot. Would be super cool if the shower gel had glitter in it too!

I use this as a bubble bath actually and it works out so great! I love using this as a bubble bath! If they ever make this as a bath bomb or bubble bar that would be AWESOME.

I ended up picking myself up two products; the Goddess bath bomb and the Milky Bar soap.

The Milk Bath bubble bar is one of my fav bubble bars so the fact they made it into a solid soap bar is amazing! I haven't used either yet but I'm planning on splitting the Goddess bath bomb in half.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Hazel Hauls | ELF Cosmetics

I use to haul the hell out of ELF back when I started getting into makeup in 2007; back then you could only order their products online and they only had their $1 line. There's still some stuff from the $1 that I swear by or always keep on hand to this day.
Then they released their Studio Line where everything was $3 and their brushes in that line are still some of my favs. Then after that released another line I don't remember the name of but I LOVED that line! They had pigments (the pink one was a holy grail and I'm so sad I lost mine or it's still back home in CA) that I loved and they had this all natural brush set to go with it. I still have the travel set floating around somewhere. I wish they'd bring that back!

Since then they've created so many more products and collections; some I've LOVED and others I could live without.

I haven't made a full ELF haul from their website since 2015 so I was due for one! I picked up a few things I've been wanting to get/try!


ELF has certainly upped their prices over the years and I don't blame them! But what use to get me a good amount of products just get me a few now a days lol!

I've seen the Modern Metal's floating around Instagram and was super curious about it. There's also a lip set that I skipped on since I just got a ton of lippies for Christmas. The ELF Perfect Blend Concealer is a repurchase over the years — it's not the best concealer ever but it does what it needs to do!

My purchase came with a free gift that included the Face Primer which I think I've tried once when I didn't understand the concept of Primers and Sugar Lip Exfoliater which I also think I tried once and didn't really dig.


I also got this beanie because it was up for $4 and to show my love for ELF cosmetics. Not just that but I've been trying to get a hold of more pom beanies and I'm so picky with the ones I like!


The main reason for my purchase?

The Heart highlighter duo!

I've been following Heart for years; since she lived in that apartment way before her and Arnold got married or engaged I think. And she's always been a Filipino influencer to look up to! I used this in a look I made a blog post about on hazearella recently and it was the first time in 10 years I decided to put highlighter on my face again. And you know, I didn't hate it! Bubba even noticed and complimented me on my glow. Safe to say I'll be reaching for this more often!

Most of my beauty posts can be found on hazearella but I am trying to add some here as well since makeup and beauty is a huge part of a my life!

After making this purchase however I saw ELF recently came out with a new skincare line! I love that they're coming out with so much skincare at such an affordable price and I'm itching to try some as I'm trying to build a skincare routine myself this year!
Do you have any favorite ELF products?

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