Sunday, April 2, 2017

Life | Monthly Recap; March 2017

Looking back on my goals for March, I can say I didn't really complete most of them. The month seemed to had just zipped passed me. I wonder if this is just a thing that happens when you older or nah.

G O A L S   R E C A P

--- I did find an apartment luckily on the first day I started looking!
--- I didn't post more videos, I only posted one video in March and it was a video I filmed in January so yeah, though I did post something it wasn't exactly what the goal was.
--- I managed to drink a little more water but that habit ended up falling away, like it normally does. I really need to make this a priority.
--- I managed to post on Instagram a number of times a day but I ended up taking random 3-4 day breaks too, I just needed to step away from the obsession of it also.
--- I didn't meditate.
--- I didn't read. Like, at all.
--- I didn't cancel enough subscription boxes.
--- I paid more attention to Penny \o/
--- I tried to blog more.
--- I still don't know how to incorporate more me in my social media.
--- I should had defined "prep for Easter" a little more...

The big thing was finding an apartment --- which I did. So thank freakin goodness for that! Like I mentioned in my Hello April post, this is the time of year where it goes by quickly and before I know it I'll be sitting in front of moving day so let's hope that I get most of what I set to accomplish this month done. Though I'll admit; a lot of the times I'm unable to complete certain tasks because of my OCD/anxiety so that really makes things difficult. I'm planning on making a few changes through this month that inner me isn't going to like but outer me knows needs to be done. Maybe I'll make a different blog post for that later.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Life | Hello April

In the month of March I posted 7 posts; which isn't bad. It's certainly more than usual but I feel like I can do a little better.

It's my birthday month \o/

And we're halfway through the beginning of the year. This time of year kinda always sort of stresses me out since I move every July which means I need to get started on purging and getting things tidy and together. I say this every year and I never really do it then I get mad at myself for all the shit I have to pack when I move. I don't even have that much stuff, it's just all random.... stuff. Like how does someone end up with so much stuff?! I've been here in Florida for 5 years now and SO much has happened and changed and just... it's just been so much. I guess the amount of stuff I've gathered kind of reflects that to a point, yeah?

As for goals, I'm not really sure what I hope to accomplish this month... I haven't really thought of it either.

  • Post 2 videos a week
    That would equal up to 8 videos. I'm taking a vacation for my birthday so I'm hoping that I'll vlog at least some of it! I've been awful about vlogging lately and I'm not sure why. Or how. As much as I'm use to or want my life to be out there, I also don't. I don't know how else to explain it but as someone like me, it's freakin weird. I've always wanted to be a YouTuber since I started posting videos in 2009 but it's always been an on and off thing. I'm hoping for the day it'll just be on.
  • Enjoy the vacation
    Enjoy everything that this vacation has to offer. Enjoy and take in all the happiness and "yoooooooo" moments that Penny will do, Play. Laugh. Don't be so caught up in stress or time or bills or life or tomorrow or anxiety. Be you. Be Zel again, if at least for just a week.
  • Read
    Because this always has to be written down.
  • Drink more water
    Especially since most of this vacation is going to take place outdoors, drink. more. water. Though I'm sure Penny will be reminding you.
  • Start purging
    Clothes. Papers. Stuff. Makeup. Whatever! Anything that doesn't hold enough of a feeling or whatever, get rid of it!
  • Stop buying so much stuff you don't need
    We were off to a good start in March due to saving up for the trip, LET'S KEEP THAT GOING.
  • Clean your room
    This should had been a March goal, shit.
    Staying home is nice and all, but 3 weeks straight? Girl get some damn air.
  • Burn 8 candles
    Ambitious? Yes. Doable? Totally.
  • Reacess food blog
    Because what the fuck, I thought we did this already and nope. Nope. NOPE. Locked out again!
  • Get gathering mentorship
    Because you're so damn close anyway.
  • Figure out things for the move
    I understand you hate it and shit, but it's gotta be done!

And the usual --- post more blog posts, post 2-3 times on Instagram. Blah blah blah. BLAHHH. 


Friday, March 31, 2017

Food | Sub Zero Ice Cream

Scrolling through Instagram foodie's feeds can really make you hungry (I have one too @herloveforfood, I need to revive that blog) and can help you stumble on some really cool places. 

The idea of liquid nitrogen ice cream making in front of your face has been on floating around and typically I see places like this in LA or Vegas... somewhere along the West Coast so I was surprised to find this (along with other LA like eats) in Texas!

At Sub Zero Ice Cream (can we just take a moment to appreciate the name) you start by picking a base, then a flavor and any additional toppings you want in it. I wish I had taken a pic of the menu because there were a lot of options to choose from! 

I went with a non dairy base. Strawberry flavored. Mixed in with Marshmallows, Sprinkles and Gummie Bears. 

They also had premade flavors they made up themselves you can choose from or you can make your own. The boyfriend got some kind of Tropical one with Gummie Bears mixed in.

Then the magic happens!

The whole process took less time than I thought so I wasn't really able to catch too many pics. But next time I'll be ready!

I also got a Strawberry on top :)

I wasn't able to catch a pic of my boyfriend's cause he pretty much ate half of his by the time I was done taking pictures of mine. I couldn't help it, mine just looked so... pretty!

The texture was somewhere between frozen yogurt and custard. The Marshmallows were frozen and so so good. I love frozen mallows! 

I'm definitely coming back here again and trying something out of my comfort zone next time!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Life | Weekly Recap; March 19th - 25th

I usually only post weekly recaps on my personal blog but this week I had a few accomplishments I'm excited about!

The weeks haven't been that exciting since I got back from Texas, the reason being that Bubba and I have a huge Disney World vacation coming up so we're trying to save as much money as we can in the meantime. I'm super excited for this week with him at Disney, especially since he's never been to a Disney park before! Seeing his reaction to everything is what I'm absolutely looking forward to the most!

So on to the things that happened this passed week!

For starters, I got my Yelp Elite badge back!

I lost it last year... my previous relationship was one that held me back from a lot of different things, one of those things being a lot of my goals and things I worked so hard to accomplish. So for me to rebuild my status and to be accepted back into Yelp Elite this year was a huge deal for me! I'm so happy and proud of myself! Now to take back the rest of my previous accomplishments!

I really hate the way blogger formats these pictures! Ugh.

I fell in love with a few new things this week; one being the Strawberry Chocolate Cheesecake snack from Graze and these 3 wax melts from Bath & Body Works! I just noticed these three scents aren't sold on the site, I picked these up at a store when I was in Texas earlier this month so I'm hoping I'll find these in stores at least. The Lavender Vanilla has been my go to jam for both the melt, the bubble bath, candle and pillow mist these last few weeks and has an amazing job of keeping me calm. Which is highly needed as my roommate's cat is driving me freakin nuts.

I started making this salmon over veggies again! This was a favorite dish I would make last year and I forgot all about it recently! So glad I remembered about it cause it's so freakin good! My grocery store has deals sometimes on the veggies or the salmon for buy one get one free so that's always helpful; definitely going to miss those deals when I move to Texas! I actually don't know what grocery stores there are in Texas.

In FFXIV news; I got my Weaver to 60 finally. I also had a friend make me the ilvl190 Ironworks gear for it (which is the highest level gear you can have atm for crafters) and I got all 4 of my books for the craft. I hit 50 on my Culinarian and I'm using Moogle beast tribe quests to take it to 60. After that I'm not sure what else to level as specialist. Bubba has Leatherworker, Alchemy and Goldsmith as his. Our server is pretty small so mats and stuff are hard to find which is why we both level different crafters and gathering classes together. He has Mining and I'm getting my Botany to 60 hopefully by the end of today \o/

I may had not done much this last week but I sure do feel accomplished and I mean, that counts for something... right?

We also got our MagicBand in the mail this week! I'm so excited! I also like the new look of these bands and the fact you can pop out the middle and put them in key chains is cool. I opted for the red one this time and Bubba got the yellow. 

I guess this week will be spent leveling things and packing for the trip. Also tidying and purging some stuff because once this trip is over that means moving day is going to be up next!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Food | Review; Peeps Oreo

I'm just gonna put this out there --- I'm not a huge fan of Oreo's. The only Oreo's I'll eat are the Lemon ones; I don't care much for the original. Something about the cookie just makes my mouth feel icky. 

But I am a sucker for Limited Edition anything and when it comes to food, I'M THERE! So when I heard that Oreo's was coming out with a Peeps flavored cookie I figured... why not. I'm more likely to eat/try the golden cookies over the chocolate ones and I like marshmallows... haven't decided if I like PEEPS themselves just yet. Working on it!

I'm a sucker for pretty packaging. Pretty packaging + Spring? Utter weakness. I love all things Spring and Easter so just the packaging on this thing alone was enough to catch my attention from like 3 isles over.

I had a bit of expectations going into this --- I was hoping that the creme filling would either taste or have the consistency of Marshmallow. I mean, it can't be hard right? Lots of cool things are done with Marshmallow's these days! I went into this hearing mixed reviews --- some people loved it and others really really hated it.

The size is that of your average cookie, obviously. 

Biting into it, I didn't taste anything. Like, I literally tasted nothing. The consistency of the creme filling has that same sort of gritty texture the original cookies have except this layer felt a lot more thin. Maybe it's just the food coloring or maybe something in it cause it to change but the creme filling as far as I could tell didn't really exist. With that said there wasn't a taste to this at all either. It felt like the creme was being over powered by the cookie and the cookie didn't have a strong taste to begin with.

So while everyone is there YAY Or NEY about this I'm kinda just BLAH. I can't form a real opinion on something I don't feel had a taste. I mean I guess I could say it sucks but that's a little unfair since besides saying "I didn't taste anything" I have no other opinion on the matter.

Either way; I'm glad I tried these and gave these a shot but maybe next time I'll just stuff my own PEEPS into the cookie and enjoy it that way instead.

Have any of you tried it? What are your thoughts?

Monday, March 20, 2017

Life | Happy 2nd Adoptaversary Sophie!

Two years ago I was on the phone with a friend walking through PetSmart and passing by the adoption center in the back of the store in Tampa, FL like I always did. 

Except this time a tiny little girl caught my attention and the moment I saw her I told my friend I had to call him back. I poked at the window and tried to find a worker who would let me meet her. 

I've passed plenty of animals up for adoption and my mom rescues stray cats; but never had I ever had the urge to MEET one of the animals.

The worker let me back there and they pulled Sophie out from her cubbie and set her on the floor. She was a bit cautious and super curious. I freakin loved her. I don't know why or what it was about her but I just didn't want to leave her there. They told me she's been kept there for 3 years and no one wanted her because she was 10 years old and only 5 pounds. Everyone was afraid she was a sickly cat or there was something wrong with her. You can't tell in the picture above very well but her tail is also broken. I'm not sure what happened but close to the tip of her tail it's broken. So when she's happy she whips her tail but the tip of her tail goes a different direction. I personally think it's quirky and cute. The lady who ran the adoption agency that found Sophie doesn't know much about her either just that she was in the pound and they were gonna put her down.

I'm glad they didn't.

I'm glad that lady found her.

I'm glad I stumbled on her when I did.

It took me about 3 weeks to be able to afford to adopt Sophie. I had a gofundme page up and everything. Two of my friends helped me adopt her and for that I'm forever thankful. I visited Sophie once a week until I was able to take her home, I remember looking forward to seeing her every week even if it was just for ten minutes.

In the two years I've had her company we've moved 3 times. She's been my best friend through everything. She was there licking the tears from my face when I'd cry and she's nibble on my hand and wake me up when I've been sleeping for too long. She's cuddle buddy and she's got the most quirkiest personality. 

Happy 2nd Adoptaversary Sophie!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Reading | Book Review; Cinder by Marissa Meyer

I normally post my book reviews on Readarella; but lately I've been feeling like book review bloggers aren't a thing like they use to be in 2009 when I first started. I feel like it's moved on to book vloggers which isn't a bad thing since I use to post video reviews too and into bookstagramers which I feel I'm at a disadvantage at sometimes because I buy typically digital books and while you can create a cool flat lay with a Kindle or your phone I feel like having a physical book works much better. Plus I'm not savvy on how to make a flat lay and I'm limited on what to use for props. Maybe when I move into my next place I'll actually set up bookcases and do all that flat lay stuff.

But I wanted to post a review anyway since I've gotten back into reading recently \o/.

Cinder by Marissa Meyer
The Lunar Chronicles #1
Release Date: January 3rd, 2012
Find It: Amazon | GoodReads | B&N
Sixteen-year-old Cinder is considered a technological mistake by most of society and a burden by her stepmother. Being cyborg does have its benefits, though: Cinder's brain interference has given her an uncanny ability to fix things (robots, hovers, her own malfunctioning parts), making her the best mechanic in New Beijing. This reputation brings Prince Kai himself to her weekly market booth, needing her to repair a broken android before the annual ball. He jokingly calls it "a matter of national security," but Cinder suspects it's more serious than he's letting on. 
Although eager to impress the prince, Cinder's intentions are derailed when her younger stepsister, and only human friend, is infected with the fatal plague that's been devastating Earth for a decade. Blaming Cinder for her daughter's illness, Cinder's stepmother volunteers her body for plague research, an "honor" that no one has survived. 
But it doesn't take long for the scientists to discover something unusual about their new guinea pig. Something others would kill for.

I'll be honest, I read Cinder like last year-ish but since I continued on with the series I felt weird not reviewing this title first.

Cinder is about a cyborg named Cinder who works as a mechanic in New Bejing. I honestly didn't think I would be interested in this read for several reasons --- it takes place in a future world. It's about a cyborg and Cinderella was never really my favorite fairy tale. But as the story progressed, I found myself OBSESSED with this world. With who Cinder is and the people that make up her life. Yeah she still had that awful step mother but there were so many twists the author put on this story! Plus, it was a re-telling so I had to pick it up!

Cinder still had the two step sisters although one of them was one of her closest friends and I think that made this story that much better. Though the evil one could seriously suck it, in my opinion she was just as awful as her mother! Which is crazy because hello, her sister obviously didn't have a problem with Cinder. But whatever. Also there was Iko, lovely lovely Iko who I immediately fell in love with --- she's their household android assistant and she has such a big personality for something that should had been such a small role. 

The story of The Lunars and of their dreadful Queen was also an interesting twist to put on this story and this world. 

I remember at the time I read this I was totally smitten with the way Cinder and Kai interacted though I can't remember exactly why. But Kai in his own wasn't bad for the guy in the story. He had his own problems and his own things going on so while Cinder played a part in his days and in his story, his story was independent enough that he stood out as his own character in my mind and I kind of like that. Too many times the boys in YA books (especially in fantasy and paranormal) get so blended in with the girl in the book that there really isn't much to them when you think back on it.

The huge plot twist in this story did take me by surprise and it drove me to read the rest of the books (and it still is)! I wish I could talk about it but I hate including spoilers in my reviews, maybe I'll rewrite this review on Readarella and include all of my thoughts there :) who knows.

I absolutely enjoyed this read a lot more than I thought I would had and I'm so glad I decided to give it a go, after like 4 years of it sitting in my TBR pile. 

Here's to the rest of the series!