Review | MAC lipstick in Syrup

Friday, January 16, 2015

I remember checking out Syrup by MAC back when I first started doing beauty videos in 2009 because Fafinette always talked about how much she loved it. She was also a lighter complexion than I am. I remember hating it so much because my lips are pigmented so colors don't look as good on me as they would on someone else and I think since I was still getting use to makeup in general I was being a picky brat without giving things an actual chance.

Syrup is a dusty rose with a little bit of a brown undertone I'd say. Or maybe it's just a dusty rose. I don't know, I suck at describing colors. But I can totally describe scents. I guess one or the other right?

Since it's part of the Lustre line it is a lot more moisturizing than other lipsticks. I didn't feel the need to layer it on top of a balm. In fact I prefer not to because when it fades off my lips it leaves a hint of a really pretty stain. So I don't even usually touch it up at all. Sometimes I will top it with a gloss but nothing pigmented enough to take away from the color. 

I've been rocking this lip color for the last two weeks and you know what.... it's not so bad.

I actually kind of really like it. It's a nice every day color that isn't my usual classic red or dark red. It's hard for me to find a good every day lip color and I certainly wasn't expecting it to be Syrup when I picked it up. I honestly just picked it because the color I really wanted was sold out (sin something). But I think we've come to an understanding!

Have you ever hated then ended up loving a product?

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