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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I know I've been a bit MIA on the blog for awhile, so I thought I'd catch you guys up one some stuff going on. 

I'm sure you've seen my GoFundMe that I had going around for awhile about adopting Sophie. My mom helped me adopt her, her exact words were "would you be okay without Sophie?" and I was like "No." and so that sealed the deal.

Sophie is ten years old and she's been up for adoption for about three years and the person who handles the adoption stuff was really excited to hear that someone finally wanted to adopt her. She was rescued from a pound before being put down. She's a tiny thing at only 5 pounds even and the tip of her tail looks like someone slammed it into a door frame. 

She's been nothing but sweet and a little needy. She doesn't play too often and she doesn't like being chased and picked up but she's only been here a week or two and she has been up for adoption for a few years lacking stability. I know it will take her a bit of getting use to. She's been a pleasure to have around and she definitely makes life more interesting. She's always crying and reaching for me when I'm doing my homework. And only when I'm doing my homework. Oh, Sophie! Cats! 

My mom says maybe she's meant for you and maybe she is. We always take animals that come into our lives as a sign.

She is seriously the cutest thing ever, I can't deal. I don't know why no one else wanted to adopt her, but I'm glad they didn't or I wouldn't had been able to meet this little bitty soul.

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