Life | 2017 Goals Weekly Recap Jan 15-21

Sunday, January 22, 2017

I thought that maybe if I did something like this, a weekly recap post every Sunday I could possibly maybe keep my goals in order and be held accountable for them. We'll see!


>> I've been working on posting up some blog posts on my book blog again and I finally gained access to my food blog again after it being locked for about 5 years (yeah, I know)!
>> I have a few video's planned for filming this week as well. I still need to get those videos edited and up.
>> I'm doing it again! I'm being too focused on if my photos look okay that it's starting to bother me! And that is not the purpose of blogging! So stop it Hazel! Stop it!


>> I didn't finish any books this passed week... eep #fail
>> I posted the recap of the 4 Graze snacks I tried last week here
>> I've picked the last 4 for this week as well

>> I finished 1 out of the 5 candles ~_~ slow and steady wins the race


>> My gathering classes are all around high 30's which is weird... I should probably focus more doing this one at a time before I burn myself out
>> I still haven't touched my BLM or my WHM much ~_~

I actually haven't spent that much time on FFXIV since I've been busy blogging and catching up on Yelp reviews all week... which is where most of my week went --- to catching up on Yelp reviews. I really want to get my Yelp Elite status back! I'm still mad I lost it!

I've been on the search for my Essie Eternal Optimist nail polish (my fav spring shade) but I can't find it! I can't find the jar I had put some of my polishes in and I swear I knew where it was.... so strange! I need to stop moving so much!

I'm still trying to get my ex to get me my Canon S90 camera back... which sucks that he even has it. I swear I hid it from him, he always hated that camera so imagine my disbelief when he said he had it... how?! Ugh.

Almost two weeks until my trip, I need to start gathering information and setting aside the things to pack to make this easier on myself soon. Sigh. I can't believe I'm getting ready to travel again so soon! The thought is tiring but exciting! I don't know how people travel for work so much, I can't imagine how tiring that must be to pack and unpack just to pack again! Then again it might be tiring for me because of my anxiety as well....

Speaking of! My anxiety was kicking my ass all week. The kitchen was wrecked so I went and swept, mopped, did the dishes (that weren't mine) and scrubbed the stove (that I hardly ever use) and I didn't feel the anxiety ease off until about the next day. I don't know why it's so hard to keep my kitchen tidy but it's driving me nuts and definitely giving me a bit of anxiety. The next place I have I'm getting carpet and keeping my kitchen spotless. I CAN NOT handle a messy kitchen it is definitely one of my BIGGEST pet peeves!

My anxiety has calmed down a bit since then, so that's good. I just need to tidy my room and sort my closet a bit more, hopefully before my trip! I also hate coming home to a messy room. I always make sure to clean, tidy and make my bed when I go on vacation. Just weird habits I have.

How are your yearly goals going so far?

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