Review | Olay Cooling White Strawberry & Mint Body Lotion

Saturday, February 3, 2018


I've been obsessed with this scent for a few years now, it was a random discovery and ever since then I've kept the body wash around. I don't use it as much anymore since I use that duo sponge thing more now a days but this is still one of my favorite scents! I wish they'd make a duo sponge of this one!

This body lotion came in a set I got for Christmas and not gonna lie, I wanted the set for this lotion itself and well the deodorant that came with it too.

The consistency of this lotion is pretty thin, it's definitely not thick or creamy or oily. It's pretty thin but it does have a cooling sensation to it and it does have that pretty White Strawberry & Mint scent I love. But also it absorbs really really quickly into the skin. I love the way my hands feel after using them as I tend to have really dry hands in the winter that sometimes will crack and bleed. This lotion has been helping them stay really soft and hydrated!

I'm sad I'm almost out and I'm scrambling to find out where I can get more since it seems this product isn't typically carried in stores! I've found it at one online retailer but they only carry it online and not in stores, whomp. I'm wondering if I can get it shipped to the store for free shipping though...

Either way I'm IN LOVE with this body lotion! 

Definitely one thing I look forward to the most during my bed time routine!

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