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Monday, December 3, 2018

When I first brought up coming to see Bubba when we met two years ago he told me to wait it out a year... after I graduated college. But me being the impatient me I am, I didn't like his answer. I decided to plan a trip to Dallas, TX by myself and if he came to hang out with me he did. If he didn't then he just didn't. That choice was up to him.

Our beginning as Hazel & Bubba wasn't as smooth as it was for Penny & Axelyn if that makes any sense.

I always felt like he cared about me at arms length. Like there was something just holding him back and it confused me and made me a bit annoyed for months.

I ended up booking my flight and a hotel in Texas and told him about it. He had agreed to pick me up but if he had changed his mind I wouldn't had been mad at him if he did.


Bubba had asked me if there was anything I wanted when he came and picked me up; he had already planned on having breakfast for me. I said Hot Cheetos with Lime and a Coke (I had been away from home for 5 years at this point and there were a few things you couldn't find in Florida — Hot Cheetos with Lime being one). I was surprised to see he got me a few bags and I was so excited. But so jet lagged.

We stopped by Target so I could pick up some stuff and then we headed to The Galleria Mall in Dallas. I was on a search for an advent calendar. Not gonna lie, I was pretty shy for the first few hours and all Bubba kept saying was I was so much smaller than he thought I was (I get that, a lot).
I was also pretty annoyed because my roommate was suppose to take me to the airport but she once again let me down and didn't even bother telling me she wasn't coming home that morning and I ended up having to call an Uber super last minute and almost missed my flight. Thankfully I made it on time!


We still had a few hours until I could check in to my hotel so we went and got lunch. He paid for my lunch at In & Out (another non Florida place). I was in tears with how happy I was to eat In & Out again!

We checked in and dropped by stuff off before we headed to Sundance Square — a place I had stalked on Instagram a ton before my trip.

We went and watched Moana; he even bought my ticket and got me snacks! I've clearly not have had a proper movie date in a few years.


I was so excited to see these lights and the water there, which is what I've seen a lot on Instagram. I was pretty much just amazed that I had hopped on a plane by myself to a state I knew nothing about to meet a boy I met on a video game. The entire moment was just surreal.


But Sundance Square was gorgeous with all its lights. But holy crap it was COLDDD!

It was definitely really fuckin cold.


Before heading back we stopped by Steel City Pops.

I had a bit of a list of places I wanted to try while I was in TX and Bubba didn't mind going on a food adventure with me. Bubba got the Gingerbread Cookie Pop (on the left) and I got the Blood Orange Pop (on the right) but I liked his so much more so we swapped. I know, how sweet of him!

It's now sort of a tradition to go every holiday season!

The next day he took me to Arlington to get donuts and hang out at Parks Mall where we spent a ton of time at Round 1 arcade and had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. We then went to the movies and saw Peculiar Children.


We also stopped by and tried liquid nitrogen ice cream! Sadly we haven't been back to Subzero since then lol! I didn't take a pic of Bubba's cause he ate into his before mine was finished being made. I got Strawberry Non Dairy base with Sprinkles and Marshmallows. It was really really good and had a pretty unique texture!


For dinner we tried this place called Tokyo Joe's.

I loved their Gyoza but I hated that their Udon noodles were cold. The whole thing was really freakin adorable and we've been back a few times since then. They re-did their menu which is so much better now!

It's connected to a Whole Foods plaza and so took a short walk around after dinner.


The next day we headed to Plano and got dumpling in this really cute Asian market plaza. There was also a really big Asian market. I'm glad Bubba enjoyed the dumplings! It was so nice to finally have dumplings again.


On our way back to the airport we stopped by Joy Macarons in Dallas and got a Macaron Ice Cream sandwich; apparently I never posted it on Instagram so I have no idea which flavor this is but it was really good!


Before we headed to the airport we stopped by Jack in the Box (another non Florida spot) where I got my usual — Bacon Cheddar Potato Wedges and an Eggroll.

I was so sad to leave.


These were the gifts Bubba had me leave with — and no, these weren't all the gifts he got me that Christmas either. He shipped me another huge box when I got home and the Too Faced Peace Palette.
I can't believe it's been two years I flew to Texas on my own and meet up with Bubba but I'm so glad I did and I didn't stop chasing him.

I had the best weekend that trip and even a better weekend the second weekend I spent with him in the following March.

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