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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Bubba has been spoiling craaaaaap out of me when it comes to Lush the last few trips. There's a bunch of great things he got me!

The first set of things he got me was a bit of skincare-y stuff. He got me the two solid soap bars at the top; I wish I could remember what they were called but when we were in store it was on sale buy one get one free the green one smells like limes and the orange one smells like oranges and it easily splits in half. He also got me the two shower bombs at the bottom: Sleepy and Not Sleepy. These things are so interesting.

I've tried the Sleepy Shower Bomb so far. These things are so interesting!

The thing that's missing is the Sleepy Shower Gel and Scrubee!

This was one of the biggest reason why we went into Lush. Bubba got me the Sleepy body lotion last year and I wasn't that big of a fan, I don't like how it makes your skin feel chalky after it dries down but I love how there's glitter in the pot. Would be super cool if the shower gel had glitter in it too!

I use this as a bubble bath actually and it works out so great! I love using this as a bubble bath! If they ever make this as a bath bomb or bubble bar that would be AWESOME.

I ended up picking myself up two products; the Goddess bath bomb and the Milky Bar soap.

The Milk Bath bubble bar is one of my fav bubble bars so the fact they made it into a solid soap bar is amazing! I haven't used either yet but I'm planning on splitting the Goddess bath bomb in half.

Lush released their Valentine's Day collection recently!

I wasn't too impressed with the emoji thing at first and I wasn't super crazy about it; I thought it was very relatable but I was definitely drawn to the Peachy bath bomb and I was definitely not interested in the Eggplant bath bomb until I saw someone's bath video and it was really pretty!

As we were walking around the store we also picked up two bubble bars; I was curious about the Unicorn Horn as they released it last year and I skipped out on it or was it sold out? I don't remember. But I definitely picked one up this year although there were only a few left when we were in stores!

It's so crazy how many Peachy bath bombs there are compared to how many Unicorn Horn bubble bars there were left. I also picked up the Open Your Heart bubble bar but I didn't pick up Love Token because it was just way too much glitter for me to deal with. Open Your Heart has a bit of glitter in it but it's more shimmer like Unicorn Horn versus glitter glitter.

I used all the stuff I had bought myself which was just one of my favorite bath bombs ─ Cheer Up Buttercup.

I did come across these Hot Oil Hair Treatments and wanted to try one on Bubba since he has long curly textured hair.

As many times as I've been to Lush I've never looked at anything other than their soaps and bath bombs and their lotion pots. I didn't get into their bubble bars until recently either! I had no idea they even had bubble bars! I still have yet to try the Dragon's Egg bath bomb. Looking back... I have no idea wtf I even use to buy at Lush?! But I know I've been going into the store for years! Crazy.

Did you pick up anything from the Lush Valentine's Day collection?

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