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Saturday, September 19, 2015

I've been a huge fan of ELF Cosmetics since 2008. Back when ELF was only sold online and all they had was their $1 line. And that body care line where I tried really hard to like the Coconut scent but couldn't get passed the fact it smelled like RAID. Since then I've watched ELF evolve into the company it is now. Seeing products in stores like Target. Seeing them release an amazing skin care line. But there are some things I miss about the old school ELF. Like my Mineral line for one. The brushes in that line were fab. The ones I have left are my most prized brushes! No joke!

I periodically check the site from time to time. Just to see if anything is new. And besides the skin care line there was!

They released a few more palette colors and renamed them. I picked up two; Mad for Matte and Everyday Smokey. I have one titled Natural when this was first launched and I use it everyday. Have I mentioned I've had it for two years?

I also picked up three shimmer lipglosses (bring back the shimmer studio ones!); Love, Dream, and Inspire. Cute names huh?

I picked up one smudge pot cream base in; Wine Not. I don't have much of an opinion on these. I know when they were first released they dried up super fast. I haven't tried them since then but I couldn't pass on this gorg color! Especially for fall!

And the highlight of this post... the studio moisturizing lipsticks. I love these! Not only do they smell like vanilla cake (I see what you did there) but they ARE moisturizing! They don't dry out my lips and I think I like the stain it leaves behind more than the actual lipstick lol. I picked up 6 of these; Cheeky, Bordeaux Beauty, Black Berry, In the Nude, Southern Bell, and Berry Kiss.

I'm not going to go too into it since I will be writing/filming a review video on these guys. There are a few colors that have been out of stock for awhile that I'm hoping to get my hands on. But I'm loving the dark berry colors and the chestnut browns. Makes me totally miss Fall in Cali! You know... where that's foliage and leaves falling (or as my homie Dre says leafs). 

What color are you most interested in?

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