Pre Taste Test | 30 Days of Candy

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I stumbled on this awesome idea of a subscription box on YouTube! I've been a little obsessed on looking up new foodie subscription boxes to try and this one included 30 different candies from 30 different countries. 
Not gonna lie; the fact that Durian may had been in this box miiiiiight had played a huge part in why I signed up. 
Unfortunately, as I mention in the video, Durian is in the second box. The first box includes your basic more well known candies from 30 different countries. I didn't do a taste test for it yet because I know Nick wants to do one with me with his own little twist. So that's what we're gonna do. But I still wanted to share this box of awesome with you guys! 

I'm curious...

Are there any awesome foodie subscription boxes you know of or are a part of?

*This is not a sponsored post. This subscription has been purchased with my own money.

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