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Saturday, September 5, 2015

I know everyone says this about every month but I mean... seriously. Can you believe it's already SEPTEMBER?! Because I sure as hell can NOT. I feel like I wait entire lifetimes for this month to come around because I just love it so much! 

September means Fall is right around the corner. Pumpkin Spice everything is coming out. The weather gets cooler (yes even here in Florida it does drop a little bit. But it's enough to get me excited!). Halloweeeeennnnnnn. Fall home decor, nuff said. Fall scents. Pumpkins. And everything spooky! It also means me and Nick have survived 5 months together --- without killing each other and Sophie's six month adoption day is this month! Yup! It's been six months since Sophie has found her forever home and she's very very loved here. Not just by Nick and I but also by Nick's sister and his mother. Little Soph has a legit family. 

It's been awhile since I've done one of these posts but since Fall is when I feel the most alive I figured why not start it up again!


→ Hit 20-50 followers on Bloglovin'
→ Hit 300 followers on Twitter
→ Hit 300 followers on Instagram
→ Hit 500 followers on Facebook
→ Write more reviews
→ Get on a steady schedule 
→ Touch up "About Me" page
→ Update layout theme to match the season
→ Have an idea of blogging content from now until December
→ Be more active on social media 
→ Get back to networking (actually my favorite part)


→ Read at least eight books this month
→ Get bills in order
→ Get WG in order
→ Tidy apartment
→ Turn in homework at least 3 days early
→ Drink more water
→ Learn. To. Budget. (I know, it's an ugly word but it has to be done)
→ Get back to meditation and night/morning yoga
→ Clear out B&BW candles
→ Create a ZEN atmosphere 
→ Study gems and relay on their energy for help
→ Understand that if you need a day alone Nick WILL understand

I know this is a pretty long and probably unrealistic set of goals to accomplish by the end of the month. But hey, you know me! Most of my lists are! I just want to strive to be more productive, more focused and feeling better. Emotionally, mentally and physically. I still have a ton of healing to do due to my divorce but you know what, life won't stop for you. Life won't stop for anyone. Yeah the resentment and angry and sadness will be there but that doesn't mean I have to entertain it. That doesn't mean I have to allow it to get to me. I live a pretty darn good life and I have nothing to be mad or upset about. So my marriage didn't work out. So he's dating the chick who ruined our marriage and lives in another country. So they both never respected me anyway. I mean, these are all things that everyone --- including myself --- were already putting together so why is it all so surprising? Why should I let something that I assumed hurt just because now it's confirmed? And bottom line really is who cares? Life. Goes. On. and I refuse to spend another month, another week, another day, another minute of my life and my time giving something so worthless my energy.

So here's to a productive and focused Fall, welcome back Hazel.

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