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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I discovered ColourPop on Instagram randomly. 

One of those you follow a person and it leads to another person to another... and another... and eventually I ended up on someone's account dedicated to swatching various different types of products. One look at the pigmentation and quality of ColourPop and I was hooked! All that shimmer! All that glitter! Their lippies swatched pretty nicely too. I was in love. In utter complete love.

Black Friday rolls by. 

I don't think I have to even continue that sentence or thought.

I spend hours debating on what I want to purchase. Something holiday-ish? Or something I'd actually use? Had I had enough funds I would had just bought it all! But I surprisingly only ended up with two products. I know, I'm still in shock myself!

I decided on the lippie set Kitty. I had another one that I was about to ship home but had second thoughts on it due to a really bright red I would never had dared to wear. This set contained two colors that were similar but still all colors I would happily wear. I was hoping for a more deep purple shade, but I'm sure I can make that one in the middle work! I finally got around to swatching these on myself last night and I'm blown away by not only the feel and pigmentation but the staying power. I was doing dishes and they still wouldn't wash off! Holy crap! Can I finally sip on my Starbucks straw and not have to deal with that icky lipstick lip stain?! We shall find out!

This is where the choice making got tricky. 

Monday's in Malibu contain colors I'm normally drawn to and colors I would wear on a daily basis. BUT this isn't a holiday set, which sort of threw me off. But I am happy with the set I did pick. Swatched these last night as well and holy wow, just... wow. 

So. Much. Shimmer.

This kitty meme came to mind. No joke. My eyes were wide and everything.


As you can see by the dip in the corner of the pots where I clearly swatched... yes, it bothers me. Just like adding a meme to this post sort of did because it threw off the images, but I'm learning to deal. 

The shadows are incredibly SOFT. Like, stick your finger in it with too much pressure and it will sink. Imagine the pots of shadow is like memory foam. Except, it doesn't exactly bounce back. With that said --- your pots won't be perfect the whole time you'll be showing them love. Sorry. And yes, I'm still trying to think of a way around this. But because of it, they have a base to shadow consistency which is really really nice. And buttery. And a little bit cooling. It makes the shimmer and glitter that much more bolder and the base color underneath it doesn't get rubbed away either. It's so hard to explain but so awesome.

I'm incredibly impressed with my first purchase. Not only were the products shipped nice and snug in their designer box but the quality of the products blew me away too. I really feel like I got my money's worth with this order! 

The downside? 

Now I'm a little obsessed... and I want more.

I apologize in advanced bank account. But you'll get over it.

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