Review | Tsum Tsum Lip Smacker in Marshmallow Pop

Monday, December 14, 2015

I think I was too excited to had found these, but whatever

I'm pretty obsessed with TsumTsum, the game and the app. I mean, it's Disney. Letsjustbereal. Shout out to Caelon for starting this madness lol!

I guess I should had taken a pic of the whole display... but I was too excited. 

The Tsum Tsum Lip Smacker in Marshmallow Pop* also comes in several other characters: Minnie (Strawberry), Winnie The Pooh (Honey), Stitch (Blueberry) and I think there might be one or two more but my store didn't have them. Micky comes in Marshmallow Pop. I wasn't a fan of the other flavors or characters so I went with Mickey. He's my favorite boss anyway.

The packaging is really cute even if it leaves him heavy headed. But you can stack them on top of each other which is pretty cool. 

What surprised me the most about it was the fact that there is so little product! The packaging takes over like 80% of the thing. At .26oz it has .01oz more product than an EOS lip balm. Now that's surprising!

Marshmallow Pop is interesting. As soon as I unscrewed it I could immediately smell the powdery vanilla marshmallow scent. The product is smooth and buttery and glides nicely on the lips. Also, it totally tastes like vanilla marshmallows. I had to resist licking my lips... but it didn't work. I regret nothing. The staying power is pretty decent for a Lip Smacker product. It stayed on the rest of the night through dinner and my bubble bath until I brushed my teeth before bed.

If all the other characters/flavors are this true to taste I'm kinda regretting not grabbing them all! Overall I am a fan of this product but that might be a biased opinion since I worked for Disney, I'm obsessed with Disney and I'm obsessed with products that actually taste like what they say they're suppose to taste like.

Still, they make a cute stocking stuffer too!

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