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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Yesterday Nick and I went to run some errands... though I don't remember --- oh! Hair dye and Sprint lol. It was getting pretty crowded so going to the mall was out of the question (even if Macy's had 300 walk-in kicks and various other stores had 200). We headed over to the movie theater to see if anything was playing --- aka --- if Star Wars was done being sold out.

[ was not anticipating for this to happen today ]

Can we just take a moment to look at how much the price of the movie ticket is? 

For someone who's lived on Disney property for the last two years I am amazed.

The theater was kinda half empty the whole time. I guess a lot more people than I thought saw it on opening day.  

The movie was amazing. Even though I hadn't watched 1, 2 or 3 beforehand. Or ever really. Which you don't really need to in order to follow what's going on. In fact if you've never watched Star Wars before, period I think you'd be fine jumping into this. 

There is a cast of all brand new characters that continue on from where the first Star Wars movies left off. But like I said, you'd still be okay if you've never seen them. They embark on new journey's and they dabble into a bit of the history of Star Wars so they catch you up. 

But for those of us who are well aware of the basis of the story, there are A LOT of surprises that made me almost burst into tears. Well one scene did and I felt like such a baby for it cause it was so random lol! There are twists and turns for both new viewers and old which I really liked! 

Somewhere during the movie I had one of those fairy tale moments where you realize you'd marry and protect the person you're with. The fact that Nick totally supports my love for Star Wars and StormTroopers, Macarons (a new Macaron place opened up across from the theater), and a bunch of other things is really a sweet gesture. And I guess it shows how many messed up people I've dated if I don't think the nice things he's doing for me is normal. But he's always taking care of me and trying to do things he know will cheer me up.

Also, I feel bad for dissing the new droid and not giving him a chance prior to this movie and also the Troopers (sorry baes). The new droid is actually really freakin adorable he doesn't remind me at all of R2, he stands alone as his own type of droid. And the new Troopers, I didn't even noticed they had Donald Duck heads while watching the movie but omgosh you see SO many of them. I think that's what excited me the most --- ALL THE TROOPERS.

Speaking of...

They had this guy walking around outside the theater with an escort. There was only one of him but I thought it was pretty festive and awesome they had him there. People did the classic Trooper picture pose with him. I never know what pictures to take with the Troopers since I get so dreamy eyed and star struck. They're not into the idea of selfies either.

Then came home and ended my night with a box of my favorite salted caramels in the world.

Happy graduation to me!

Now to wait a whole year for the next movie.

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