Review | Hello Kitty x SoftLips Sweet Cupcake

Monday, December 21, 2015

Nick spotted Hello Kitty x SoftLips set at Target in the mini gift giving isle in the Christmas section and I thought it was really cute. So we split it up between me and his younger sister.

These are the 3 I got.

[ Sweet Cupcake - Pretty Passion Fruit - Smart Apple ]

The packaging is so cute I can't deal! I seriously felt bad about opening these up but I was SO curious to see what they tasted like!

I opted to open Sweet Cupcake first. Seriously, how flippin cute is this packaging!

I read on SoftLips Facebook page that they have no plans to go back to their stick balm format for awhile and everything from here on out is going to be in this cube format.

Which... let's be honest it's cute but it takes up a lot of space. And if you have a small purse like I do, it gets kind of annoying trying to find a place to comfortably place this guy. I also noticed when I pulled it out of the packaging that the plastic dome on top was a little loose. I don't know if that's something typical with this product as this is the first I've opened of these. 

There isn't a way to twist it securely closed, which baffled me as I attempted again and again. They click closed. You'll see what I mean...

Now, I'm still under the impression I opened this completely wrong but I don't know how else to open it without breaking the thing. Is this right? Am I suppose to get the smooth side up?! I felt like it was suppose to be something like EOS where you twist it open and closed. If this is indeed the right way, what an odd place to put the product and how would I get the rest down in the dome? I really hope you don't expect me to scoop it out.

Alright, let's talk actual product.

Sweet Cupcake has a faint (not super strong like the Lip Smacker Tsum Tsum balm) scent of sweet vanilla. It almost reminded me of Sweet Cream ice cream from Cold Stones... if I had to compare it to something. The product, just like all other SoftLips products leaves a slight tingle on your lips and a minty after-feeling. The taste is about as faint as the smell. So don't expect a strong scent/smell like you would with MAC products.

I personally prefer the stronger scent/taste to my lip products but regardless this does get the job done. It's hydrating, tingles the lips and as a pleasant scent and taste.

I just can't get over the product placement.

Someone tell me I opened it wrong.

It's definitely a peach when it comes to photographing!

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