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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Excluding the obvious --- Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.



So, my ex husband and a good work friend of mine were all gung ho about SnapChat back in 2013 and I could not for the life of me find a reason to use it. So I quit after like, a week. Tried again in 2014 because a friend of mine told me to download it + my ex husband's cousin and sister were constantly snapping me but even then I couldn't really find a reason to get on it. This year however, I started using it more because Nick asked me to so we would send stupid snaps through out the day basically I would try to entertain him while he was at work. Then big named YouTubers started getting on SnapChat and I ended up having a lot of stories to go through and it wasn't stupid stuff from like two years ago where people would send you a dumb face for 2 seconds (I think that's why I didn't like it, cause it made no sense to me and it was a waste of time) but mini vlogs --- those are stories I like watching!

I pretty much make it a point to watch SnapChat stories while in my bubble bath. Literally every night.


I wasn't always into Audible, I always figured I couldn't really enjoy a book while doing something else --- mainly because I like to highlight and bookmark certain places in a book to remember later (you should have seen how many post its covered my copy of The Hunger Games. Even Susanne Collins was surprised). However with Cinder I really enjoyed hearing the reader change the voices for the characters. I still took note of certain places in my ebook when I found something uber funny but I mostly enjoyed the luxury of falling asleep or being in the bubble bath and having someone read to me. I'm working on the second book in The Lunar Chronicles right now, Scarlet. The only thing that kills me is the dang membership fee. Back when I first started book blogging and Audible wasn't that big of a thing, they contacted me to work with them but since I didn't do audio books I declined.  I mean it was the honest thing to do, but now that I use it... it's like well damn lol. Still kinda cool they reached out to me! Even if it was like, five years ago. Most of the books I had bought, if I did, are on my ex husband's account which he locked me out of... even though none of the books are his. And he would send me snaps of him reading MY books... like bro, you're hella whack.


I use OverDrive with my elibrary's audio book files. It's so easy to end up with a ton of audio's you know you're not going to finish in time. The Girl at Midnight is one I've been struggling to finish. It sounds SO interesting but every time I pick it up I end up not having time to finish it. So annoying. So if you're looking for something to play you elibrary audio files (cause it can suck to try to figure it out), I find OverDrive is the easiest way to go (I count this as part of Audible since they serve the same purpose).

Photo Wonder

Photo Wonder is my absolute GO TO photo editing tool. There is SO much on there if you're looking for just a quick touch up.


This is a new game to me that Nick introduced me to. It's an MMO but for YOUR PHONE. Duuuude. Imagine if such a thing existed in 2005! Oh goodness!! I woulda had a nerdgasm right there. The game is easy enough to understand and the missions are hard enough to keep it interesting. The world is HUGE and there are some of the cutest characters and mobs around. Plus, it goes off of a solar system (ha, get it?) which is always interesting!

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