Review | Julep Nail Polish in Elise

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Julep's Elise was released in the December mystery box along with several other shades. One being a cobalt blue. So since there was already a blue in the mystery box I didn't think they would release two blue's. Not to mention that Julep's Elise appears to be a dark purple in the tube with silver shimmer.

Imagine my surprise when I started applying it to my nails that it in fact was not purple but a dark indigo blue.

Wait what?

Yes, a dark indigo blue with purple shimmer that I guess made it appear purple in the tube. You should had seen my face at how baffled I was.

The formula is smooth, as must of Julep polishes are and easy to build up the color to a darker shade. But it is, still without a doubt, blue on the nails.

The thing that I really really did not like about this polish was the fact that when I removed it, it left a rather intense stain. I tried almost everything to get it to come off and it just wouldn't budge. I eventually gave up and passed it off as one of those stains you'll just have to wait out. For the most part the stain did come off of most of my nails except my ring fingers. Those stains are still there, two weeks after removing it. It's pretty insane.

I don't think I'll be giving this polish another go at any point considering that the stain it left behind was pretty bad and pretty intense. Beautiful shade but not worth the hassle in my opinion. 

Places To BuyAmazon (if you would like to try it for yourself)
Retail Price : $14
Rating : 2/5

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