I'm Loving | Covergirl Oh Sugar lip balm + Pantone Universe lip gloss combo

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Here's an unlikely lip combo I've been loving lately!

 [ignore the forever foundation smudge on my vanity]

Covergirl Oh Sugar! tinted lip balm in Jelly and Pantone Universe lipgloss in Sunlit Allium from the Modern Watercolors collection.

The Covergirl Oh Sugar! lip balm is pretty heavily tinted in a nice rich berry color. I love the way it slides on and how moisturizing it is (so glad I picked up several of these)! It also has a really nice scent/taste to it. I can't describe exactly what it is --- but it's not a type of cake, that's for sure. It almost has a hint of fruit to it. Whatever it is, it's really really nice! Though it's a lip balm I find that the tint lasts a pretty good amount of time! 

The Pantone Universe lipgloss is pretty opaque for its shade. I love how these lipglosses glide on with a touch of watercolor charm to them, true to the collection name. It's really pretty impressive! 

Mixing these two together enhances that berry shade from the Oh Sugar! into a more purple toned berry without being straight up shocking purple. I love adding just a little bit of gloss and playing around with the tint! 

Not the best picture as you can't really see the shade of my lips from the lighting but I also paired it with a look from the Pantone Universe x Sephora Watercolor palette as well. I wasn't a fan of how it turned out this day but looking back on the photos now it didn't look that bad. I think I just expect too much from myself!

Here's a better true-to-colors photo.

This day I paired the Covergirl Oh Sugar! in Jelly with a hint of MAC's lipstick in Heroine to enhance that berry again.

Excuse the fact that Nick's eyes are closed. Don't you hate that? When you take a really great photo but the person in it with you either blinked or ruined it so you feel like a jerk for posting it even though you look good in it?


Anyway, back to the subject at hand!

This lip combo was Nick's idea! I tend to question his color pairings but then I always end up obsessed with them later haha. I should just stop doubting his lippie advice from now on. He hasn't come up with a bad one yet!

He's been leaning towards more pinkish shades lately which is really scary to me since I can't seem to pull those off very well... but it is LEAP YEAR after all so I'll be dropping a few pinkish shades here and there. Let's see how this goes!

Where To Buy:

Covergirl Oh Sugar! lip balm in Jelly --- @ any drugstore location
Pantone x Sephora lip gloss set --- @ Sephora stores

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