Influenster Review | #TryDry Dove Dry Spray

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Inflenster and Target were kind enough to invite Nick and I to do the #TryDry campaign where they sent us a pair of his and hers Dove Dry Spray to test out. Nick was incredibly excited about this by the way lol.

He got the scent in "Fresh" and I got the scent in "Cool Essentials".

The spray claims to work for up to 48 hours. I sweat but not like, a lot. Unless I'm obviously required to be outside and under the sun all day (hello, I work at Disney World). But since the weather right now is perfect --- sunny with a breeze and almost no humidity --- I figured now would be a good time than any to give these a go.

I like the scent. I've recently found myself gravitating towards cucumber and cucumber scents which is weird because I was never a fan of cucumber. At all. It does keep me dry, as long as I'm not outside or doing anything like working out. So for a casual chill day at home or whatever, it's perfect.

I don't like the application process. This is probably the same reason why I don't do gel deodorants either. I don't like the gasp-it's-freezing-cold feeling that early in the morning. And because this is a spray, it's A LOT of cold going on. I find myself bracing myself before actually spraying it on. And like I mentioned before, I don't feel like it would keep me dry if I were to do anything other than casually hanging out.

That said, I would totally use this as a body spray though!

Watch Nick and I's video review here!

*Thank you to Influenster and Target for providing us these products in an exchange for an honest review!

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