Life | Happy One Year Adopotaversary Sophie!!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

This picture was taken a year ago, the first photo of Sophie in her forever home after an hour long drive home! 

Sophie was estimated to be 10 years old when I adopted her and she was a solid 5 pounds. She had lived in the adoption center for 3 years, families looking passed her because of her age and her size. She was rescued by the lady who runs that adoption organization from a pound and from being put down. Her tail was broken at some point and she hates when you play with it but I love wrapping it around my arm. 

She has a tendency to be a hugger. She will hug you every chance she gets. She'll also hug walls and boxes while looking up at you when she wants something. She's obsessed with water and cheese. She will RUN and climb you for some cheese!! Despite her "age" she is very active and she loves to play. She loves being chased around the house and she loves chasing after balled up pieces of paper. 

The last year has been full of changes and new experiences. I went from being allergic to cats to not being able to sleep unless Sophie is with me. I use to be terrified of cats because they bite when they play and they scratch a lot but Sophie has never scratched me for no reason and she does bite me when she's playful but never hard. She's the first cat I haven't been afraid of. 

I love seeing her happy and playful. I'm so happy I found her.

Now I'm going to go shower her in cheese treats and chase her around the house :)

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