Reading | 2016 Halloween Challenge

Friday, October 14, 2016

Every year on my previous book blog I would do an annual October/Halloween reading challenge were I pick books that fall into retellings or paranormal that I hope to read through the month of October.

This year is a little different --- life is a little more hectic so I can't read all the titles I hope to. With that being said, I had my boyfriend pick out titles for me to read this year. He picked 4 from my list which you can find here. If I have more time, I'll read more titles.

So the four he picked were Spelled, The Shadow Queen, Elementals, and  City of Fallen Angels.

The one I picked was Scarlet.

But after hearing how hyped I was about Cinder when explaining what Scarlet is he wanted me to start with that one so he can hear about it. 

Get a guy who supports your passions and listens to you nerd out about them <3.

So this year my list is a little shorter and laid back than the previous years, but that's fine. I can always go nuts and back to my normal crazy goals next year.

I haven't decided if I'll attempt to re-read the Hex Hall or Twilight series this year like I normally do.

Are there any books you tend to read in October or have a book you hope to read this month?

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