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Saturday, December 24, 2016

I was waiting for Bubz to get home from work but he ended up caught up in family stuff so... no dailies and no movie tonight /shrug. Haha long distance probs! It's all good though, I'll stay up to open gifts still. Just, three more hours!
I'll probably craft some on FFXIV and run my crafting dailies. I need to make that gil yo.
I ordered Chinese take out too.

I realized I don't really have any Christmas Eve/Day food traditions or any Christmas Eve/Day traditions at all really. Like I said before, I never was really into the idea of actual Christmas. So this is kinda, new. Surprisingly. I do tend to eat Chinese though, but I also crave it on Christmas. It's just a little harder when you don't have family or anything with you. Even if it has been 3 years in a row, it doesn't really get any easier.
It's totally fine though.
Peace and quiet is nice too.
I haven't watched any of my Christmas/Winter movies yet which kinda sucks. I kinda forgot about them and I didn't read Dash and Lily's Book of Dares this year either.
But like I also mentioned, this year has been kinda rough. So I can't really expect myself to dabble in the same usual things and that's fine. There's always next year. Hell, I celebrate Christmas up until the first week of January, there's still time!
I'm really looking forward to Spring colors and Valentines Day and Spring scents now lol. But that will come soon enough.
For tonight I'll do some FFXIV stuff, read a little and maybe watch Serendipity while I wait for midnight to roll by.

What are your plans for tonight?

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