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Monday, March 13, 2017

I need to do more foodie reviews so I thought why not start with last weekend?

I wish I had taken more pictures of the shops and things but hey there's always room for improvement, right?!

Normally before I head to Texas (or anywhere actually) I make a list of places I want to try and we try and squeeze in most of what's on that list. Sometimes we get to all of them, sometimes we don't. But foodie adventures are always my favorite.

1102 Bubble Tea and Bites was pretty high up on my list.

I've been seeing Instagram posts of Bubble Tea places in SoCal being served in light bulbs! I thought this idea was so freakin cool. Then I find a place in Arlington, TX that does this! I scooped out their Instagram hashtag and their Yelp page. 

We got there on a Saturday night and it was kinda raining but not too bad. Walking in was such a nice experience on its own. The shop is brightly lit and they have low tables for you to sit at with friends or family members and play games. There's also normal tables where people with laptops were getting some work done and everything about this place was just cute.

We started with a Coffee type of Cheesecake (left) and a Greet Tea Matcha Yogurt (right). The Cheesecake was obviously a lot thicker and richer than the Green Tea, we liked them both. Also, can we talk about how cute the packaging for these jars are? I know it's just twine but the extra effort makes the difference!

Also Bubba set up this shot for me.

It turns out the light bulb tea only came in like 4 basic flavors, none of which sounded interesting to me at the time. I opted for something else and the girl behind the counter was nice enough to give me a sample of the Black Tea base versus the Oolong Tea base to choose from. Both were good and sweet and I'm not a big Black Tea or Oolong Tea fan but these were perfection. I loved them both! She also let Bubba try two different "toppings" to put into his own drink. It was nice of her to let us try before we decided what to get!

I ended up with the Tiramisu Milk Tea with Flan (which I've never tried but always wanted to in a drink) with the Black Tea Base and Bubba got the Blue Ocean Italian Soda with Mochi. 


The Italian Soda tasted better if you mixed it up with the whipped cream but I love how pretty his drink was. I'm tempted to try the other Italian Soda's at some point! Maybe I'll make a blog series out of it! 

The Tiramisu Milk Tea was amazing and the Flan added an extra bit of flavor to it as well. I really enjoyed this drink! And in case you were wondering, I got it with the Black Tea base. I may try it with the Oolong next time and see how it differs from each other.

I am definitely coming back here again! 

*Sadly you're not able to keep the cups

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