Travel | Fort Worth Trip; March 2017

Friday, March 10, 2017

It's hard to believe this may be my last trip to Dallas/Fort Worth because the next time I'm in the state I'll be a resident there \o/ I'm happy I was able to get the things I needed to get done in the short amount of time I had this this last time so whew on that. So relieved! And so excited! I'm sad to be leaving Florida; it's been my home for the last 5 years and it's the first place I made a place my home on my own. I've had so many good memories and good times and just usual's here but like I did with Cali as well, all things must come to an end. It's not like I'll never be back, I'll only be a 2 hour flight away! Plus I can't deny that I'm super stoked to start a new adventure... somewhere that's more foodie/Asian food friendly at that!

This is so out of order lol! But the first day I was there; the flight went great. I slept through most of it thankfully. Bubba took me to get Ihop after he picked me up (it wasn't awkward at all seeing each other again, I went straight into constantly hugging him and poking him) and we had breakfast. Then we stopped by a Target to find the TsumTsum Pastel Parade's which weren't at that one we were at but we ended up picking up various other things instead lol! We're such kids it's kind of ridiculous. Also introduced him to my Strawberry Refresher drink that he liked, yay! Went into PetSmart to find Sophie a house and we found some fuzzy ones that we might be able to pull the bottom pillow out of and replace with a scratching pad since she prefers/massively uses those. I'll have to see if I can find a circle one or something. But at least we found something! It might not be seasonally like the box house she had before but it's okay! 

Then we went to look at apartments.... or well one apartment place since I fell in love with it and the location and it was the one Bubba was pushing for me to go with instead of the other place I wanted (now I'll never know about the other place.... sigh)! This place is closer to him though and it's literally on the other side of the building of his old job and next to a huge shopping district that I'm pretty fond of so I mean it works out since I don't have a car and I won't have to walk far to get to places at all. He also loved the vibe and look of the building it's in.

After apartments we went to check into my hotel and just hang out for a bit. We always do this --- we'll say we'll just hang out then we end up going out again lol. Headed to another Target to find the TsumTsum's which they had and he ended up grabbing like 10 of them lol but we did end up with the golden Pooh Bear! Yay! Walked around that shopping area for a bit before we got hungry. I didn't do much planning on this trip, just kind wanted to wing it plus it was his turn to take me to places to eat so he got me a BBQ Chicken Strips Sandwich from Whataburger and a Blue Ocean from Sonic's. The sandwich from Whataburger was SO GOOD. He got me the Honey Chicken Biscuit for breakfast last time I was there and I freakin loved that one too. But can we just talk about their fries?! OMFG THEIR FRIES ARE AMAZING for a fast food place. Like Micky D's has good fries and Burger King had good fries BUT THESE FRIES?! OHMYGOD they're so good! Such a satisfying way to end the day. 

The next day Bubba had work all day so I just slept in on the fluffy bed and hung out by myself. I ordered sushi through Ubereats.... there were SO many options to pick from on Ubereats here it was insane. I'm so jealous! Everything from BBQ to Burgers to Sushi and even to Ramen! Gah, lucky Texans! I went with Sushi since I was craving and Bubba isn't a big fan of sushi.

In case you're wondering I ordered from Hashi Japanese Kitchen.

The Salmon Teriyaki bowl was SO GOOD. SO GOOD. The sauce and the veggies on the noodles were amazing. The salmon was good too but I'm finding I like raw over cooked. Still, it was good, it had a nice BBQ taste to it! 

I also got 2 Sushi Rolls; Salmon Roll and Deluxe Eel Roll. The Salmon Roll was not that great... it didn't taste that fresh at all... I kinda just skipped it all together. The Deluxe Eel Roll was pretty good. The Eel on top was amazing. I wish I had more of it! 

Then there's the Edemame which was steamed (yay) but didn't have salt (boo) but it was still good. And I also got Takoyaki which are dough balls with Octopus but it was mostly just dough and I didn't taste much of the Octopus. And it was spicy, I wasn't expecting that!

When Bubba got off work, we headed to the mall to get my Pineapple Chicken! It was super packed and I forgot it was a Saturday night, whoops! He got me some stuff from B&N like an orange Lokai bracelet for mental health awareness and a pack of Tokidoki pens and the first Lunar Chronicals graphic novel about Iko! I also got to play some DDR when we hit up the arcade... I cleared two of my go-to songs in high school Breakdown & A. I also was dying at the end of it all lol but it was so much fun! I can't believe I still remember all the steps! I'm definitely going back there again. Keep in mind I haven't jumped on a DDR pad in almost 10 years lol. 

After the mall we went on a Boba adventure to 1102 Bubble Tea & Bites which was such a cute little cafe!  

We started off with a Cappuccino Cheesecake (left) and a Green Tea Matcha Parfait (right). I had the the one on the left, Bubba had the one on the right. Mine was definitely more thicker and actually really filling! But it was good. I'm sad we didn't get to keep the jars, they're so cute! Everything about presentation here is cute. 

I originally wanted to come here to get one of those light bulb drinks but it came in a very limited selection of flavors so I got the Tiramisu Milk Tea with a Black Tea base + Flan. The girl had be try the different base tea's which was nice. Both the Black Tea and Oolong Tea were SO GOOD but I felt the Black Tea would pair well with the Tiramisu. Bubba got the Blue Ocean Italian Soda + Mochi.

Both drinks were amazing. We enjoyed both the presentation of the drinks and the ambiance in the cafe. This is a cute little spot I'm sure I'll be visiting often once I move!

On Sunday we woke up fairly early to catch brunch at Nerdvana! This place was cool! I don't have pics of the inside but there are booths and a bar with video games. It's not a video game bar like the ones we have here in Orlando, it's actually a cafe with video games. We got the booth with old school Mario Kart and I had no idea how to use a d-pad to guide me anymore lol. The food was good too! I had a Crab Cake Benedict and Bubba had the Turkey Melt. I might do a review on it later in another post, I can't seem to get the photo I took to display properly right now x(

After brunch we went to this mall I was looking forward to going to for the reason that there was a candy store I wanted to go to called Loli's & Pop's. It's this cute little candy store with all sorts of different candies from around the world in a retro looking shop. We walked around the mall once, and that mall was huuuuuge. We also did a Lego hunt! It was so much fun! Then again everything with Bubba is fun :) after when we got tired we headed to L&L (YES THERE'S AN L&L IN TEXAS) to get dinner and of course I had to get my White Gummy Jamba Juice to go with it too! Traditions since high school yo!

Because I have anxiety I try to do things with time efficiency in mind. I had brushed my teeth before I showered but I had cheesecake after. Bubba insisted I go brush my teeth again but instead of waiting for me to put on my slippers like I normally do he carried me to the sink and held on to me patiently waiting for me to finish brushing my teeth. He's such a sweetheart and my big cuddly teddy bear! 

Monday was my last day there and Bubba took me to the zoo! It's been awhile since I've been to an actual zoo but I love going and seeing animals. We tried to follow the map as much as we could before we realized it was kinda wrong since a section was under construction so everything was moved around. But we did our best! I started the day with a huge salted pretzel that was SO good though I wish they had cheese dip to go with it. And Bubba started it with Dippin Dots lol! We also got Snow Cones, I know he was craving them days ago so yay! We watched an animal show and we got to see lots of really cool animals. They had a bunch of owls which was cool! But I guess we were there too early cause the Tigers and Lions were sleeping but by the time we were making our way out they were awake and walking around! Oh well, next time! I vlogged some, which caused my phone to die (before 3pm at that)! So I'll be putting that together soon.

After the zoo we were suppose to get BBQ but we didn't... we headed to Whole Foods to look for that Mochi station some of them have but apparently the ones in Texas don't have them... nooo. Maybe later in the year, hopefully! We did get some pops from Steel City Pops which is quickly becoming a fav of mine. We both got the Lemon Cream Pop; I dipped mine in white chocolate and got toasted coconut on top and Bubba dipped his in milk chocolate and put a white chocolate drizzle on top. They were so good and so refreshing!

We ended up getting Taco Bell instead BUT we got to try the Naked Chicken Taco together finally! Yay! Which was SO GOOD but SO SPICY lol.

My flight back was good too. I slept through most of it. I couldn't sleep the last hour of it but it went by fast thankfully.


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