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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

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Third month into the year and.... I feel like I haven't really accomplished much. Ever feel like your life is just going at SUCH A SLOW PACE? Yeah, I don't know what my end game is or what I'm looking for in life I just know it's going so slowly. Yeah, that doesn't make sense. Roll with me here.

February was such a shit month that it makes me almost not want to even bother with goals this month... almost

Maybe instead I'll try to keep things simple.

  • Find an apartment
    This one is kind of important for various reasons. I'm so afraid I won't find a place I like and it's stressing me out! But even if I don't, I'm sure I'll figure something out...
  • Drink more water
    This is one Penny has been getting on to me about a lot lately. The stress from recently has been making me sick and giving me headaches so I can see why he's so worried.
  • Make videos
    Notice I didn't say "vlog" this time, though I do want to vlog more as well... but I really do need to make more videos, period.
  • Post 2-3 times a day on Instagram
    I've been trying to (as always) up my followers (if you'd like to follow me you can do so here #shamelessplug) and I'm finding posting throughout the day helps... kinda.
  • Meditate
    Because I literally need to do start doing this again.
    Don't stop... believing... HOLD ON TO THAT FEELING.
  • Cancel subscription boxes
    Because let's be real Hazel, you don't need all of those.
  • Pay more attention to Penny
    Because we get that stress and shit gets in the way but that doesn't mean the poor guy has to be second in line to social media and thangs. Just... give him your undivided attention sometimes, yeah?
  • Blog more
    Stop letting stress and dumb people/situations stop you from doing you. You've got reviews to write, things to say, anger to let out! Blog it out!
  • Put more of ME in my blog posts, videos and social media
    I'm always scared of letting ME show too much. Like you have to be this type of blogger for people to like you and this is something I've struggled with since I started YouTubeing in 2009. But if I'm not ME on my own platforms then... who am I? People will love me or not like me regardless, it's better to be not liked for who I completely am than liked for someone I'm not.
    Really. I usually throw my hair in a bun when I wake up and bum around which is fine, but how can I FEEL good if I don't LOOK good? Yeah I stole that from Penny, though he doesn't say that much anymore.
  • Prep for Easter/Spring posts and videos
    Because things like this seem to always get away from you... plan these things ahead of time.
So here's to March!

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