Life | Monthly Recap; February 2017

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

If I had to describe February in one word it would definitely be distracted.

It didn't turn out the way I had wanted and once again I let my emotions take over and make me lose sight on some goals I had this month (as you can see I didn't post any blog posts or videos this month which yes, I am kicking myself about... I'm hoping to do better for Easter/Spring). The reason being... remember how I said I was going to Texas this month to go apartment hunting? Well, it seems as though I had booked my flight one day earlier than I was suppose to and because of all the stressors going on it slipped my mind to check before the departure date like I normally would so I didn't realize I was a no show for my flight until THAT NIGHT meaning all that packing and preparing I was doing that day was for nothing. So yeah, I missed my flight, wasn't refunded the money and I had to pay a $100 penalty for cancelling my hotel reservation "too late". I was pretty disappointed with myself for a LONG time. I still kinda am but what can you do. I was suppose to spend my Valentine's Day with Bubba but since I wasn't able to get to Texas I went online shopping at home by myself instead.

In the same week my ex came and got my phone and PS4 which I didn't mind giving either things back as long as it meant he would stop trying to contact me. He was pretty much abusive our whole relationship and I'd rather not have him contact me, ever again. Though he's the type to pretend like things were all good and "be nice" as long as it benefits him. One of those people. I'd rather just stay away from all of that and him. 

So yeah, that's how my optimistic February went down hill --- fast.

Let's take a look at the goals I had for February in this post.

G O A L S   R E C A P

--- I did read 4 books this month \o/ I'm pretty obsessed with The Lunar Chronicles right now
--- I managed to finish a bit of products and hadn't even noticed
--- I found maybe one or two favorites this month
--- Cancelled a bit of subscription services I didn't really want/need anymore
--- Got over 550 Instagram followers.... FINALLY (I've been sitting at 550 for a year with all the following/unfollowing people do)
--- Tried 2 new restaurants; Planet Hollywood (since they revamped the menu we're calling this "new") and Paddlefish (again another revamp so we're calling it "new")

I'm seriously struggling right now to come up with goals I had achieved this month. Oh bother! Ah well, you can't fit too much into a short month anyway, I suppose.

That said I will be re-attempting to go apartment hunting some time in the following month (don't worry I'll MAKE SURE to book the RIGHT day this time), the little break away from Orlando will be nice. Spring is coming up and the weather here is reflecting that which is always nice, I love Spring and Fall in Orlando the most. Easter is one of my favorite holidays and I'm so ready to deck out as much of my apartment and room in pretty pastel colors as I can. I'm so lucky my roommate doesn't care about the crazy decorations or whatever I put up. She kinda just rolls with it. So yeah.

While I did get my Canon S90 camera back (finally) I've grown pretty attached to my Sony WX300. And I'm thinking of upgrading the Canon to a G9 instead.

A couple of my favorite February moments

My Valentine's Day gifts from Bubba

Spring time stuff at Target dollar spot makes me happy + new Spring candles!

Spotted these Calla's at Target too, oh how I love Calla's!

Bubba took this pic of the Nendoriod I got him from Wish app & I love this shot!

Got my first Nendoroid but from Amazon of Garuda --- my favorite FFXIV primal!

Kohls candles have been a big thing on Instagram this month, here are some my mom found me

Easter TsumTusm x Lip Smacker collection I finally found at Walgreens!

A trip to Disney with my roommate is always the best

We tried Planet Hollywood and hated it so we hopped to Paddlefish which we LOVED
(review coming)

Favorite FFXIV February Moments

Bubba/Penny and I took some Valentines Day photos... he didn't like me jumping off the Moogle

We tried to recreate the Halloween one we did but forgot the emotes so this happened instead...
I like how both the Valentines Day torches and our minions are included

We're just two silly cats in love, can you blame us?

OH! I completely forgot to mention! I made it to Target's website this month!

Here's to hoping for a better March!

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