Food | Review; Peeps Oreo

Monday, March 27, 2017

I'm just gonna put this out there --- I'm not a huge fan of Oreo's. The only Oreo's I'll eat are the Lemon ones; I don't care much for the original. Something about the cookie just makes my mouth feel icky. 

But I am a sucker for Limited Edition anything and when it comes to food, I'M THERE! So when I heard that Oreo's was coming out with a Peeps flavored cookie I figured... why not. I'm more likely to eat/try the golden cookies over the chocolate ones and I like marshmallows... haven't decided if I like PEEPS themselves just yet. Working on it!

I'm a sucker for pretty packaging. Pretty packaging + Spring? Utter weakness. I love all things Spring and Easter so just the packaging on this thing alone was enough to catch my attention from like 3 isles over.

I had a bit of expectations going into this --- I was hoping that the creme filling would either taste or have the consistency of Marshmallow. I mean, it can't be hard right? Lots of cool things are done with Marshmallow's these days! I went into this hearing mixed reviews --- some people loved it and others really really hated it.

The size is that of your average cookie, obviously. 

Biting into it, I didn't taste anything. Like, I literally tasted nothing. The consistency of the creme filling has that same sort of gritty texture the original cookies have except this layer felt a lot more thin. Maybe it's just the food coloring or maybe something in it cause it to change but the creme filling as far as I could tell didn't really exist. With that said there wasn't a taste to this at all either. It felt like the creme was being over powered by the cookie and the cookie didn't have a strong taste to begin with.

So while everyone is there YAY Or NEY about this I'm kinda just BLAH. I can't form a real opinion on something I don't feel had a taste. I mean I guess I could say it sucks but that's a little unfair since besides saying "I didn't taste anything" I have no other opinion on the matter.

Either way; I'm glad I tried these and gave these a shot but maybe next time I'll just stuff my own PEEPS into the cookie and enjoy it that way instead.

Have any of you tried it? What are your thoughts?

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