Life | Weekly Recap; March 19th - 25th

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I usually only post weekly recaps on my personal blog but this week I had a few accomplishments I'm excited about!

The weeks haven't been that exciting since I got back from Texas, the reason being that Bubba and I have a huge Disney World vacation coming up so we're trying to save as much money as we can in the meantime. I'm super excited for this week with him at Disney, especially since he's never been to a Disney park before! Seeing his reaction to everything is what I'm absolutely looking forward to the most!

So on to the things that happened this passed week!

For starters, I got my Yelp Elite badge back!

I lost it last year... my previous relationship was one that held me back from a lot of different things, one of those things being a lot of my goals and things I worked so hard to accomplish. So for me to rebuild my status and to be accepted back into Yelp Elite this year was a huge deal for me! I'm so happy and proud of myself! Now to take back the rest of my previous accomplishments!

I really hate the way blogger formats these pictures! Ugh.

I fell in love with a few new things this week; one being the Strawberry Chocolate Cheesecake snack from Graze and these 3 wax melts from Bath & Body Works! I just noticed these three scents aren't sold on the site, I picked these up at a store when I was in Texas earlier this month so I'm hoping I'll find these in stores at least. The Lavender Vanilla has been my go to jam for both the melt, the bubble bath, candle and pillow mist these last few weeks and has an amazing job of keeping me calm. Which is highly needed as my roommate's cat is driving me freakin nuts.

I started making this salmon over veggies again! This was a favorite dish I would make last year and I forgot all about it recently! So glad I remembered about it cause it's so freakin good! My grocery store has deals sometimes on the veggies or the salmon for buy one get one free so that's always helpful; definitely going to miss those deals when I move to Texas! I actually don't know what grocery stores there are in Texas.

In FFXIV news; I got my Weaver to 60 finally. I also had a friend make me the ilvl190 Ironworks gear for it (which is the highest level gear you can have atm for crafters) and I got all 4 of my books for the craft. I hit 50 on my Culinarian and I'm using Moogle beast tribe quests to take it to 60. After that I'm not sure what else to level as specialist. Bubba has Leatherworker, Alchemy and Goldsmith as his. Our server is pretty small so mats and stuff are hard to find which is why we both level different crafters and gathering classes together. He has Mining and I'm getting my Botany to 60 hopefully by the end of today \o/

I may had not done much this last week but I sure do feel accomplished and I mean, that counts for something... right?

We also got our MagicBand in the mail this week! I'm so excited! I also like the new look of these bands and the fact you can pop out the middle and put them in key chains is cool. I opted for the red one this time and Bubba got the yellow. 

I guess this week will be spent leveling things and packing for the trip. Also tidying and purging some stuff because once this trip is over that means moving day is going to be up next!

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