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Friday, March 31, 2017

Scrolling through Instagram foodie's feeds can really make you hungry (I have one too @herloveforfood, I need to revive that blog) and can help you stumble on some really cool places. 

The idea of liquid nitrogen ice cream making in front of your face has been on floating around and typically I see places like this in LA or Vegas... somewhere along the West Coast so I was surprised to find this (along with other LA like eats) in Texas!

At Sub Zero Ice Cream (can we just take a moment to appreciate the name) you start by picking a base, then a flavor and any additional toppings you want in it. I wish I had taken a pic of the menu because there were a lot of options to choose from! 

I went with a non dairy base. Strawberry flavored. Mixed in with Marshmallows, Sprinkles and Gummie Bears. 

They also had premade flavors they made up themselves you can choose from or you can make your own. The boyfriend got some kind of Tropical one with Gummie Bears mixed in.

Then the magic happens!

The whole process took less time than I thought so I wasn't really able to catch too many pics. But next time I'll be ready!

I also got a Strawberry on top :)

I wasn't able to catch a pic of my boyfriend's cause he pretty much ate half of his by the time I was done taking pictures of mine. I couldn't help it, mine just looked so... pretty!

The texture was somewhere between frozen yogurt and custard. The Marshmallows were frozen and so so good. I love frozen mallows! 

I'm definitely coming back here again and trying something out of my comfort zone next time!

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