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Monday, February 19, 2018

Although this is Bubba and I's second Valentine's Day together I'm still floored at how much stuff he gets me for holidays; last year I had missed my flight on accident and I was so sad and crushed about it. 

Since I wasn't able to spend VDay weekend with him like I had planned I was surprised to see THREE BOXES of gifts for me. I haven't posted about it here but I'll add those photos at the end of this post.

This year I had thought of taking him to Melting Pot since he's never been but then I got to thinking --- he works early the next day and it's probably gonna be all booked up for VDay. Perhaps it would be better if I took him another time. 

So instead we just spent the day at home. 

He brought over breakfast after work. We exchanged gifts. Had cuddle time (I needed a nap but I couldn't sleep). Then we ordered pizza and watched Zumbo's Dessert Challenge (quickly becoming a fav of mine). Pretty much an average day for us, minus the gift exchange. After the blah week I was having though it was nice to just cuddle and talk.

He's created a tradition or two when it comes to Valentine's Day gifts it seems --- an over sized card. And chocolate Turtles. I actually got this bag filled up twice with gifts. 

He's crazy, I know.

There were so many gifts it was hard to fit it all in the photo!

He's gotten me so many plushies the last month I'm just blown away. In addition to these 3 he got me 3 others earlier in the month when I was having an emotional breakdown that I'm in love with. These mums need to find a home in my room but there's just so many of them! I've never had so many plushies that I don't even know what to do with them!

He said the theme this year was "Disney With Love" and he definitely got me some really cool Disney stuff and some that I'm super freakin excited about!

He still managed to sneak an Owl plushie too, of course. And 3 shirts... 3 DISNEY shirts, like he did last year. Though these ones aren't villains. This year they're Stitch and Pan ♥.

I'm also good on chocolate for the rest of the month lol.


This is one of the gifts I was super excited about --- we found them at Toys R Us and Maleficent is one of my favorite villains, EVER. I mean her dragon is just so badass!! I have so many photos of all the different versions of her dragon from around Disney World when I worked there. The Festival of Fantasy one being my fav, I mean she's steampunk AND she breathes fire! But I absolutely love this set so much!

But man is Maleficent heavy lol. I mean she's a Metal Fig but gosh!

So far from Metal Figs I have all the ones I wanted --- this set, Buzz Lightyear and Sorcerer Mickey!


This gift was a complete surprise (Snow White is just there for photo op reasons, she wasn't a gift lol)!


This is actually a perfume, I don't remember the notes. Let me go look them up!
This tantalizing fragrance has top notes of green leaf and pineapple, that give way to strong middle notes of apple and pear, and is finished off with a musk base note.
In my opinion this smells like Candy Apples!

The bottle itself however smells like a certain plastic. If you collect Vinylmations you know what plastic smell I'm talking about! So when I had popped the perfume out of the box I was hit with a scent of happiness.

I use to work at Downtown Disney (now called Disney Springs) West Side. I did Disney Quest, Mickey's Groove, D-Street and Candy Cauldron. Cauldron is themed to be the Old Hag's well... cauldron! And because I worked at D-Street we were the main Vinylmation hub. I spent most of my days back then shopping for Caramel Apples and Vinylmations. It was a scent that reminded me so much of those days.

Not to mention have beautiful this bottle just is!


And of course our Valentine's Day pizza.

Say what you want, but it was delicious. Besides pizza was a frequent food we ate together --- 3 states away --- when we first started dating.

Here's photos of what he got me last year;

Yeah, it was a lot. Especially considering that he got me TWO PILLOWS.

Wait no, THREE pillows.

Last year's Turtles were Sea Salt (I love Sea Salt) and this year are just regular (still, Turtles are yum). He got me one plushie he named Shasta and he got me a Chocobo Summoner plushie. He also got me makeup, which was missing from this years gift only because the palette he wants to get me didn't even come out until today, so. And he got me a planner which this year he got me the planner for Christmas (I think he's trying to tell me something...).

I am so thankful for all the gifts he gets me. And I'm so thankful to have such a kind, compassionate, thoughtful and patient boyfriend. He really makes it look like putting up with me isn't even "putting up" with me. He never shames me for my anxiety or my anxiety attacks. He never makes me feel bad about them. Through every cloud of judgement and through every blimp of anxiety he's always there to quickly pull me into a hug and remind me I've got this. He does so much for me and Sophie on a daily basis and he takes care of both of us to the best of his ability happily.

Oh and he reads every single blog post I post and he watches every single video I post on YouTube.

I don't know what I did to deserve him but I'm so thankful for him and his love every single day.

And I hope this adventure never ends.

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