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Friday, February 23, 2018


I'm not Chinese, even though most people who see/meet me think I am. Especially when my hair is long and dyed. Sorry to disappoint, I'm full Filipino!

But my mom has always had a habit of giving us red envelops for Chinese New Year growing up and I even have my own money tree from when I was a kid that she made for me and my brother.

I've never actually celebrated Chinese New Year or saw any real life celebrations because I was in Florida for 5 years and pffft they have ZERO diversity or any notion to welcome other cultures. Surprisingly not even the China Pavilion in EPCOT celebrated! Though I saw this year DisneyLAND did throw a celebration party and it looked epic.

I was scrolling through IG (as I do, a lot --- #shamelessplug follow our IG @pxa.hxj) and I saw an Asian Market plaza we recently discovered was doing weekend celebrations and Sunday was the last day. 

So, we went!


The front of the plaza was decked out in these blow up tree's and there was every animal for the Zodiac. And they were so cute! I'm year of the COW in case you were wondering (why does their cow have horns).

Seriously, how cute are these guys!

Though if you ask me the Sheep looks like a Final Fantasy Moogle.


The inside was the same as always but there were tables set up with different vendors and there were fruit offerings near this statue that sits in the middle of the entrance. I wanted to take take photos of the other side but there were chairs and a stage set up, but they have umbrella's on the ceilings... lemme find a photo I took the first time we went.

There were people EVERYWHERE dressed in traditional dresses, taking photos with everything and even little kids in traditional formal clothes... THROWING POPPERS EVERYWHERE. The halls and rooms were all littered with Poppers all over the floor and kids were running around throwing them at each other.

Even in a crowded area Asian kids are still capable of running around and NOT running straight into someone or getting in someone's way. Or maybe I'm just use to it, who knows!

There were also a lot of vendors! We got there super early so no one was set up yet but there was Asian BBQ FOR FUCKIN DAYS. I ended up getting Dim Sum cause I was hungry but ahhh wish I had gotten a BBQ plate to go! Though it did start raining by the time we were leaving.


There was also this guy, I don't know who he is, but he looked epic.


Down those steps was one of these... I didn't do it last time we were here so I decided to do it this time! It was freezing cold. And I'm always surprised at how freakin small I look when I see photos of myself!


We strolled through the grocery store and found pastries for days in celebration. I took some photos of the things I got at the market but I didn't take a whole "haul" kind of photo even though I should had!

But they had a Durien (Durian) and a Coconut Moon Cake! The last one I had was Red Bean and I don't like Red Bean all that much so I grabbed a Coconut one this time. I also got "Good Luck Candy" and a bunch of Coconut BonBons cause I had eaten my whole bag of mine from last time. I just really like Coconut, okay?!


We had Dim Sum for lunch; I mean... IT WAS THERE and like we're celebrating Chinese New Year! Gotta stay in it man! But these are some of our favs. Bubba has grown attached to that top left one and he really liked the BBQ Pork Buns.

I don't know if I ever had him try the Filipino Pork Buns... maybe not... I haven't been able to find any here yet. There's a Filipino eat place in their Food Court but they weren't open the few times we passed by so I decided against getting Filipino today, though I haven't checked to see if they carried Pork Bun there, I'll check next time.

The bottom 3 are all MUST GETS when I get Dim Sum the very bottom one the most. And yes, it's ALL SHRIMP. I also had a Shrimp Ball Stick before this from one of the vendor tables.


This place had the Dim Sum's they bring around in a cart and I don't know, but I always think THESE places are so fun to go to! There definitely wasn't one in Florida and I hadn't been to one since I was a kid living in Cali. So I had fun and I was happy to share the experience with Bubba.


There was this cute Doughnut Truck out front and this is actually the truck I saw that ATS had posted on their IG when I read about the celebration.

Bubba got a 6 pack of Smores and I got a 6 pack of Blueberry Lemon. The Smores was really good! Here's some better shots once I got out of rain!


They're little Doughnut holes with toppings! There's an actual store of this place in Frisco and one is set to open up in the Dallas Galleria! I'm not sure when and I haven't been back there in a year so they might already be there for all I know!

As we were leaving there was a mini Dragon Dance going on but it looked like the bigger show had already ended up and something was set on fire. AND WE MISSED IT. Oh well, there's always next year!

I had a lot of fun Sunday and experiencing this with Bubba!

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