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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

I have a hard time sleeping. I always have, since around 2004. I literally can not fall asleep on my own, ever. And since 2004 I've been taking various types of sleeping aids. I've never gone to get this checked of figured out why, it never occurred to me this was a legit problem until recently if I'm being honest. 

But for the last year or two I've been looking into other, more natural ways to fall asleep. I also struggle with anxiety, especially at night and I'm not 100% sure if the two are related but I discovered my love for the scent lavender and my love for oils some time last year. Both have helped me in relaxing and depending on the day sometimes they can even make me drowsy, but not all the time.

The beauty community had been raving about LUSH's newest body lotion called "Sleepy". The description reads:

Slather on this gorgeous pale purple lotion, breathe in its sweet, comforting lavender and tonka perfume and you'll instantly feel at ease. Glycerin, cocoa butter and almond oil work together to moisturize skin and lock in hydration to keep skin soft, supple and comfortable all day or all night long. Say hello to your new nightly ritual! Zzz..

Years ago when I was still living in California and my eczema had gotten bad enough that it started cracking the skin on my hand in multiple various painful places I used a similar LUSH body lotion: Dream Cream.

It's been a few years since then so I didn't really remember what I liked and didn't like about that product --- or about LUSH body lotions in general.

I held off on editing this photo so you could see it.

Sleepy is this really pretty pale lavender shade and it's sprinkled with a little bit of what looks like fine glitter on top. I can't tell if it's REALLY glitter, but it's shimmery so we'll go with glitter.

I think this is the large size (I don't remember, my boyfriend grabbed this for me tbh after I told him about it) and as you can see the tub size this is enough to last you a GOOD while, even if you use it daily. And all over your body.

I love the pretty shimmery shade of this product and I love how it smells. It's definitely a really comforting lavender scent that can put you to sleep, it's THAT comforting. I do like how it keeps my skin hydrated and moisturized even after I wash my hands. 

What I don't like is that after the product settles into the skin the after feeling can feel a bit powdery and not in a good baby powder kind of way but in a way that it feels like it's coating your hands/body and it can be a little irritating if that's a feeling you don't really like.

I suddenly remembered having this problem with Dream Cream as well --- as much as I love the scent and product I really do not like that after feeling! I try to just deal with it most of the time for the sake of my skin being moisturized and scented beautifully with lavender but other days I just can not be bothered to deal. I wish there was a way to eliminate that after feeling!

This product can be a bit pricey;
A small 3.1 oz runs for $10
A large 7.4 oz runs for $20

And they all come in this tub format which I also am not the biggest fan of simply because it can be a bit of a hassle to unscrew it just to get to the product then with your hands oiled up and greasy from the lotion it's such a bitch to screw it back shut and make sure it's shut tightly! I tend to take a scoop and place it on my arm then screw it shut with my hands still dry THEN apply the lotion but even that seems like a bit of a hassle to go through. Not to mention with my OCD it gets tricky to convince myself that it's fine, it's clean before putting it on.

I would had much preferred if there was a pump option.

Have you tried Sleepy? What did you think? 

If you've tried other lavender scented lotions are there any you recommend?

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