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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Is anyone else just done with Winter?!

I'm in such a desperate need for a Spring Refresh right about now! Besides Fall Spring and Summer are some of my fav seasons; correction ─ Summer in Florida. Summer in Texas is pretty fun too but Summer in Florida will always be my fav.

Bubba thinks it's too early for me to start jumping around saying yayyyy Sprrrrrrring but I can't help it when stores are starting to roll out all the pinks and reds for Valentine's Day! There's just something about Valentine's Day and VDay decor that always makes me so excited feeling refreshed on the inside!

Bath & Body Works released a few of their new Spring collections as soon as the Semi Annual Sale was over and I managed to snag these guys ─ The Pink Petal Tea Cake craze is still a thing but I'm glad they re-released her anyway. I don't think I'll finish burning my Soft candle any time soon but I am planning on buying doubles of these guys and lighting them up!

The Key Lime Pie is dead on like Key Lime and in my opinion is better than the Sonoma one from Kohl's a few years back. This one smells less artificial.

I'm a sucker for Bath & Body Works chocolate scents and Hot Fudge Sundae smells like it's own kind of scent. It doesn't smell too much like Hot Cocoa & Cream thankfully.

I'm also a huge fan of any kind of citrus scent and especially Bath & Body Works Lemon scents; I don't remember if I ever picked up a Sugared Lemon Zest before but this is what's currently burning in my bathroom... I love how the jar matches my counter lol! Definitely going to pick up another one of these!

Lush has also released their Valentine's Day products!

Actually my store sold out of all the remaining Christmas stuff the day after Christmas they said.

Originally I was just going to get the Peachy Bath Bomb since I had zero interest in the Eggplant one, then I saw someone's dip video (what do you call those) on Instagram and I loved the shade of purple it gave off! So I ended up caving and getting one ─ this has been a trend it seems like since Christmas: I shit talk a product then I somehow end up getting it cause I get curious. Smh. So like me.

I also picked up another Cheer Up Buttercup because it's quickly becoming one of my favorite Lush bath bombs. Along with a Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar. The Bubble Bar's for Valentine's Day didn't really wow me. I wasn't a fan of the 6's or their scents. I also picked up a few other things as did Bubba (he actually got me the Valentine's Day stuff) but I'll save that for its own actual blog post.

I love the lightning in Lush; the Calm photo is one of my favs and it was just a quick snap I took but I love how this photo turned out! iPhone camera quality is fire if the lighting is right lmao.

Speaking of Semi Annual Sale ─ we didn't really get much like we did last year as there wasn't really much TO get this year. But Bubba did get me a back up of the Gelato candle (now I can burn down the rest of mine I've been holding on to for the last 7 years lol) and a Paris Cafe candle since I can't drink coffee anymore (Baby Lo has decided we don't need coffee... very suddenly...), I can at least smell it lol.

The Sanrio x Sugarfina treats I got I ended up carried away with when snacking before I could take photos of but there's still SOME My Melody ones left lmao! I'll make it work.

The Minni Pop Keychain Bubba had bought me for our Disney trip we ended up cancelling last minute but I'm taking her with me on our Disney trip later this year when I go homeeeeeee. And the Pink Grapefruit candle (which smells amazing) was a free gift Francesca's was giving out to their rewards members in December (you got to choose between a candle, a water bottle or a Llama ornament) which I thought was really nice!

I finally took down the mini Christmas tree that was in the bathroom last night! The counter looks so much cleaner and open now! I love this marble candle stand Bubba got me last summer I think? Yeah he picked it up along with the Banana Split or whatever it was candle.

Target also released their Spring candles as well! I got these 3 in mini's and a large Sweet Pea one hiding in the back. I like the throw of the bigger candles sometimes and smaller candles other times... it really depends on the scent. But I do plan on getting a big Blue Lavender one. The problem is different stores have different inventory so... sometimes it throws things off.

I'm still trying to think of how I want to redo the bathroom counter since right now despite it being more "open and empty" it still feels like chaos.

I found a few cute ideas on Instagram, I just have to find the pieces for it!

Also super obsessed with that MAC Vanilla Sugar Lip Scrub! I fight so hard not to lick my lips and eat it. I mean I'm sure you probably can but I won't lol.

Do you have plans for or already started your Spring Refresh? What new pieces or candles have you added to your home so far?

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