Vanity ↠ HUDA Nude Palette + HUDA Gemstone Obsessions

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Lately I've been loving HUDA eye shadow palettes but it wasn't until I had stumbled on the HUDA Gemstone Obsessions palette that I really got weird about starting an entire HUDA palette collection (I miss this vanity/set up). I mean, can we just... talk about how GORGEOUS this palette is? I'm a sucker for shimmer and glitter shades so this was right up all my ally's, let me tell you!

I ended up buying myself the HUDA Desert Dusk palette shortly after over the Rose Gold Remastered that I had originally told myself I was going to get and now I sort of regret not sticking to my original plan...

Then my fiance got me the HUDA Nude palette I had been itching for for Christmas.


I'm in love with the four reflective shades, I just hate how one swipe/swatch and you sort of mess up the patterns of the pearl flecks so I'm trying to be careful and not ruin how pretty they are. Which I'm sure, at some point is bound to happen... BUT LET ME PROLONG THIS FATE OF DOOM ok? I love that the palette includes two glitter shades though I sometimes find them hard to work with/hard not to ruin as well and enough mattes to create the perfect look.

I wouldn't really call the shades in this palette "nude" however since there's a lot of berry tones. Or well more than what you would usually find in a "nude" palette.

The fiance and I went on a "date day" and I had to find a look for this top.

Oh hey Baby Lo, you're looking mighty... very much there these days. With your 28 week self! Bubba got me this cute maternity top from Target and I wanted to find a purple in my collection that would match.

You'd think the HUDA Amethyst palette, right?


The purples in that palette were not the purples I was looking for. At all. It was literally strange. And a little disappointing.

This is what I came up with!

↠ So I started off with using shades in the HUDA Nude palette for my transition shades and I applied some to my outer corner.

↠Then I went in with the HUDA Gemstone Obsessions palette and used the purples wet in that all over my lid after doing a cut crease with my trusty NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk (swear this has been my HG since 2008 and it CAME THROUGH this day). Then applied that second shade in the Gemstone Obsessions palette in the inner part of my lid wet.

↠ Pulled out my MAC gel liner in Blacktrack (also a HG since 2008) to line and attempt to wing (working on this...) and I even lined my water line with it! I tend not to because it's already a pain to remove on its own but I was already half way there so I said fuck it and just kept on going. It honesty lined so easy and I didn't have to worry about poking my eye like I usually do with a pencil liner. Plus it made the outer part look amazing.

I use to be so good at taking eyeball shots back in the day but these days I just can't for some reason. I need to rework on that!

↠ On my lips I'm wearing a Colourpop Lux Lippie in a shade I forgot the name of. I'll come back and edit this once I find it again. But I'm loving how this turned out ─ it's like my lips but better. Plus I didn't want to pair this with a bold or a red lip.

↠ On my cheeks I have on the ELF Heart Defensor Coffee & Cream Highlight duo in Coffee.

↠ On my face I'm wearing the Fenty Foundation with the Colourpop No Filter Matte Concealer. Set with ELF Tone Correcting Powder and MAC Fix+ Lavender.

I'm super happy/proud of how this look came out and I'm excited to see what other looks I can come up with with these palettes!

Does anyone else struggle with doing a cut crease?!

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