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Friday, January 11, 2019


2018 was a whirlwind of a year.

I also hate how out of order my posts are going to be for the next month; I still have one or two 2018 posts I want to write but I've already started writing 2019 posts. Whoops.

Pregnancy brain.
For one of the last trips to Dallas in 2019 I wanted to try a French bakery that I've had my eye on pretty much all year — Bisous Bisous Pâtisserie which is located in Uptown Dallas. I won't be reviewing the bakery in this post, I'm saving that for a different post cause it deserves its own post. Trust me.

I've wanted to change the content for hazearella (my lifestyle/makeup/candle blog) for a few years now but never had the drive to make the content or take the pictures I wanted. So I decided on this day, I was going to.

I wanted to start 2019 with being the blogger I always wanted to be; to my surprise when I pitched this idea to Bubba his only response was: "F I N A L L Y." Gotta love a man who supports your passions!

I'm still working on not being camera shy and I'm still working on how to pose for photos. I'm so use to being behind the camera and when I'm not, I'm usually turned around or taking a selfie.


I hope in 2019 I'm able to let go of these small silly insecurities. That I'm able to express myself more and be okay with the fact that no matter how hard I try sometimes my makeup isn't going to always be perfect. Or that not every photo will be perfection. But I hope to post it all anyway. I hope to have fun with it. I hope to fall in love with lifestyle blogging the way I always dreamed and wanted.
I also hope to learn how to dress myself like a human being as well! I told myself no hoodies in 2019 (I mean of course there's certain exceptions but for the most part if we're going OUT OUT, no hoodies). I use to put effort into dressing nice and doing my hair and putting on makeup; I want to get back into that habit again.

Because it made me feel good. It made me feel awake and alive. It made me feel productive. And with a baby on the way — I'm sure you can assume how drained and blah I feel on a daily basis. Pulling yourself out of that is hard; but I don't want to end up like those mama's who can't find time to take care of themselves and end up blaming the baby.

Baby Lo is here to enhance my life. Not take over it. Not change it. Not take things away from me. But add on that extra encouragement. The extra smile and laugh while I figure out this new chapter in my life that's coming up quick!


It was super cold this day, like in the 30's cold. And I told myself I was gonna tough this out and take these photos!

Uptown Dallas is really pretty and as a city girl it makes my heart happy! I tried my best to find places/photos to take even though I couldn't feel my hands by the time we got back to the car.

Nutcrackers are kind of my favs. I don't really have a reason besides that my mom somewhat collects them and they're pretty much an important element in my holiday decor (just like how the ball/circle shaped ornaments are). I just love the way they look.

I spotted these two at a random corner and wanted to take a photo.


However, I didn't know what photo to take.
So that didn't work out.

I felt like the placing of them was little awkward and I wasn't sure what to do, plus I was freezing at this point lol!

However you can see my baby bump a little bit better in this shot — hey there Baby Lo!

The hoodie and maternity leggings (both of which I am IN LOVE with) were gifted to me by my mother in law for Christmas (seriously, I've been LIVING in these leggings, I need to get more), my boots (that need serious upgrading) are from Payless and the beanie was gifted to me from my fiance for Christmas. I've been trying to make it a habit to buy more beanies with poms, just cause I love them. I just hate how hard it is to find cute ones and how I always worry about messing up the pom when I wash them.


We spent that day in Dallas and headed to one of my favorite malls to look for something at LUSH.

We ended the night at Sprinkles because I had discovered there was one just down the street from the mall we went to all the time. Like, how did I NOT KNOW this was here?!

The plaza was so pretty and lit up for Christmas! Which explains the somewhat awful lighting.
Wish Bubba had told me to tilt the cup a little down before taking the photo.

BUT CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW CHUBBY MY CHEEKS ARE?! Oh god, do they ALWAYS look like that? I mean my cheeks have always been a little chubby but like, my whole FACE is chubby here. Okay okay, moving on.


One of my fav things to get at Sprinkles is a shake — Rocky Road ice cream + Chocolate Marshmallow cupcake! I came up with this combo when I was still living in Florida and would go to the Sprinkles at Disney Springs often. It definitely tasted like a bit of home in this 30° weather! I'm also a fan of the cupcake sundaes but I didn't get one this time. Maybe next time!


Here's to new adventures, a turn of content and working harder on the things I dream of doing!

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