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Thursday, November 19, 2020


I have always been obsessed with books, reading, researching and dreaming of far away places. I remember in Kindergarten I was the first person to read all of the 4 books we had lined up for the month. I started writing stories when I was 7 about princesses with sisters that lived in big castles.

I stopped reading in high school because it made me look "nerdy" and I was on my hardcore thug bullshit back then. Growing up in The Bay was rough lol. I didn't get back into reading until my ex husband left for the military in 2009; then the world of Young Adult sucked me in.

But before there was Young Adult there were a number of books that changed my life; helped shaped the way I thought about myself, the world or others. Or just helped enlightened me. And if there's anything I'm still a sucker for it's the things that change the way we think.

So here's 5 books that helped shape me;

Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian L. Weiss

I'm always curious about the after life, Filipinos have such a weird way of coping with the afterlife and by "weird" I mean there's like 5 different beliefs that all seem to live in harmony together somehow. But yet they don't believe in different life time's.

This concept has always sparked an insane interest in me. And this book had me absolutely captivated. This is also the only book I ever finished reading in a B&N on total accident lol.

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

I really don't know what it is about this book. My former childhood BFF had me read it before the movie came out and I remember having to stop multiple times inspired to write a blog post (back in the Xanga days). I remember my ex husband telling him this was our story; I was absolutely Aly and he was absolutely Noah and looking back it's eerie how these 2 characters paths almost matched ours perfectly.

I haven't re-read this book in years and I refuse to see the movie cause I'm a sobbing mess every time I do; but this book has left such a huge impression on me and my life especially in a time when I needed it.

It also introduced me to the world of Nicholas Sparks, I'm so behind on his new novels.

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

Say what you will -- but this rollercoaster of stories took me through something I wish I could feel again. I swear the pages were dusted with crack cause I've never felt the way I felt about this series with any other book. I was IN LOVE with the book. With the story. Not so much the characters. But the STORY omg. I don't know why or what.

I'm so sad that when I attempt to re-read this series it just isn't the same. At all. It's almost unbearable. But it also opened a gateway to Young Adult and Paranormal reads which are still my favs years later.

Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

Oh Wicked Lovely. My introduction to gothic fiction, faerie courts, faeries and of course Melissa Marr. I was in love with this series. I loved the idea of the courts. I loved the idea of fae's and folklore. I loved all of it. it was because of this book that I wanted to know more about paranormal creatures and why I'm always so drawn to folklore and any sort of book with gothic themes. I was also lucky enough to meet Marr during a book signing a few years ago!

I never got around to finishing the series but the books I did read have stayed with me for years. 

The Clearing by Heather Davis

This was a random book I picked up and it was the first book I read that I could not stop thinking about for weeks! Ah, my first book hangover.

This book deals with time travel (one of my favorite things to read about -- I'm not entirely sure why but time travel/alternate universes are just so interesting. They make me wonder what's really out there and reading someone else's thoughts or idea's is always so interesting), it also deals with abuse, domestic violence and what it's like to feel trapped. There was just something about this book that really struck a cord with me and I'm so excited to see it's on Kindle Unlimited!

I read most of my books now on Kindle Unlimited, Scribd and Audible! If you'd like to try any of these services you can here;

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Have you read any of these titles? What books changed your life or shaped the way you choose books you read?

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