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Tuesday, December 1, 2020


Hellooooooooooo last month of 2020.

Anyone else feel like 2020 was like 5 freakin years long? I know it's not just me. And at this point the whole lock down and up and down is starting to weigh on my subconscious. Not so much the whole not being able to go out-ish but more like the inability to travel, to feel like breathing fresh air is safe anymore, the closure of the activities we look forward to the most during this time of year. The constant paranoia every time I cough or sneeze or don't feel well. The constant worry if the people in my husband's family have been staying safe and won't pass something to the baby.

It's more of the feeling more trapped than usual.

I have a bunch of goals for this month that may seem over the top... but if you've been here for awhile, you know that all my monthly goals are usually super over the top lol.

And before you ask, I'm not sure if I'm going to do the traditional blogmas but I will try to post more this month. There's a bunch of recaps, food posts and reviews I need to post that I somehow just never got around to. I miss the days I'd be super inspired and psyched to do VLOGmas, that feels like forever ago. I don't know what happened since those days... oh yeah I moved to TX and struggled with Postpartum Depression. This shit just won't let go.

December Goals;

| Reading

I'm aiming to get some of my NetGalley titles read this month that release in January. That's 9 books and 2 books that release in December. Reading all 9 would be lying to myself but I at least want to read half of those. I just need to get some NetGalley reviews done before the new year.

I also have a "Dec TBR" list on GoodReads and on Scribd. It's not really finalized yet but there are also a few titles I want to get read before 2021. That TBR can easily blend into January, it's the NetGalley TBR I'm mostly worried/focused on.

| Blogging/Social Media

I really want to find a steady posting schedule for my blogs. I miss how my old book blog had a schedule and a rhythm and how easy it was to just post what I needed to post because I knew what was suppose to go up that day. Not just that but as long as I had books to review, I had content for weeks in advanced. I really miss being that productive and feeling that sense of accomplishment. I do have a bit of a posting schedule on Places + Peonies but even then I feel like I'm falling short on the other posts that aren't weekly features. So I really need to change that too.

This blog never really had a set anything. It was just a place I would write whatever and post reviews. But I really want to rekindle the purpose of this blog. It's been years and I really owe it to myself and this blog to stop being lazy.

In addition to that; I want to finish the Pinterest/blogging courses I invested in earlier this year. I also want to learn how to use Tailwind more. I want to utilize scheduling Tweets and Pins. These new features are like a dream come true and I admit I don't utilize them as much as I'd like to!

I want to post more on Places + Peonies IG as well as start posting on the hazearella food blog

| Finance

This one has been my challenge all year long and tbh, the pandemic hasn't helped at all. I haven't been to a mall or out to eat since the beginning of March. Then when we got over the random flu Bubba brought home the lockdown had started. So, there's pretty much my 2020 in a nutshell. I don't think it was Covid, Tums got tested and came back with Flu A. But Covid wasn't really a thing just yet and wasn't something people were getting tested for. I just know it hit us all really hard.

I got my Christmas shopping done early (mostly, I honestly feel like I'm never done done), and I blew extra money during the sales (PayPal's bi-weekly payment plan system is the best and worst thing to ever happen in 2020) so for December I'm going to SIGNIFICANTLY cut down on shopping. I know I get super bad with stress shopping but I'm just gonna have to find another way to relieve my impulsive shopping problems.

I need to start paying off the rest of my cards (thank goodness I finally finished paying off the debt my ex husband left me with last month!! After 5 years!! Shit!!) and setting aside savings for both me and Tums.

This means cancelling streaming/subscription services. Making a grocery and "fun money" budget and sticking to them. I truly want to be better at this in 2021.

And while I'm at it work on making income through my blogs.

| Health

Bubba got me a KitchenAid for Christmas and I'm super excited. I attempted bread on Thanksgiving and that was super fun. I'm going to attempt to make Lemon Sugar Cookies with glaze first then with Royal Icing next. I want to attempt to make more different kinds of breads as well as pastries!

I've invested in Hello Fresh again in hopes to kick the urge to order out as much. I'm shit at cooking but Bubba's not. I'll happily make the plant based meals but when it comes to meat... nah. I don't wanna cook that shit. And tbh most of the time I don't even want meat.

With that said I want to go back to my basic diet of veggie stews, pastas, potatoes, Tofu and more raw Salmon... or just more Salmon in general. I need to find the fruits/veggies to aid with iron, magnesium and just your usual vitamins.

I'd say I want to make time to go to the gym but 1) it's cold af here in TX in the winter and 2) I'm not walking 3 flights of stairs to go to the gym. I won't even walk the 3 flights of stairs to get snacks from 7-11 which is literally downstairs. So I mean, if I won't for some yummy 7-11 snacks, WHY WOULD I FOR THE GYM.

I mean I SHOULD, but let's not lie in this blog post, ok?

I will try harder to do at home work outs. That I can definitely do. Along with easing back into meditation and night time yoga. Especially ones that help with my lower back problems. Getting adjusted helps, but the inward curve of my hip huts after a few days. Which sucks.

| Motherhood

I honestly never feel like I need to improve in this area. Which is crazy cause I always thought I'd be a shit mom. But Tums seems happy enough around me.

I do want to set aside time to read to her more; she's in that stage where she can say "book" and hand it to me. She's also in that stage where she can understand small things I ask of her. Like picking up trash, picking up her stuff or shutting the door for me. She tries to be helpful and I of course really appreciate that.

Also want to feed her something other than cereal and chips for breakfast/lunch. Even if she loves it. She can learn to love healthier things lol.

| Home

Definitely sorting through Tums clothes is on my endless Dec list of things to do. A friend of mine recently had a baby girl and went homeless, so I'm searching to see if we have any other 0-3 clothes of Tums left. I know I just set aside a bunch last month but I'm not sure if any of them are 0-3. I'll have to check. I also need to sort through my clothes and just reorganize the closet in general.

I want to reorganize the pantry and designate a spot for snacks. Not a shelf, A SPOT. And be better at posting about/reviewing snacks I do get.

I'm planning on downsizing my Bath & Body Works collection. As much as I'd love to hold on to every single Twisted Peppermint label since 2013; that's a lot of heavy 3 wick candles and I don't know if it's because I'm tired of packing and unpacking candles or because I now have a kid, but I just don't feel the desire to collect things like that anymore? Idk, it's weird.

Finding and framing prints for rooms. And grooming Sophie monthly is also on the list.

| Mental Health

Meditating and yoga also fall here. As well as continuing to color for stress relief and learning how to draw with Procreate. Hoping that eating better will also aid my mental health. My meds tend to work and not work. Or well, my anxiety is getting worse. I can't tell.

Continuing my medication and finding a therapist is something I definitely need to keep up with.

Gaming, especially on Animal Crossing since it's always been one of my escape mechanisms. And I really need to re-do my island.

This is just a loose outline of my goals for December; what are some of your goals?

Do you play Animal Crossing? Drop your Switch ID below!


  1. For December, I need to cut down on shopping too! Haha :D I hope you get a lot of your TBR pile done for January and I'm always happy to see new posts from you! Seeing you publish more posts would be a special treat because I love reading your blog <3

    Mari |

  2. With me just quit from my job last month, I truly need to slow down my impulsive buys. And pay all of my commitments for a few months or even years ahead before I got a new job. Anyway, I looove this post! It's so laid-back and I can relate to it so much. Take care xx

    lenne |