Recap 2020; November

Friday, December 4, 2020

Anyone else secretly (or not so secretly) glad that 2020 is almost finally over? It's getting colder here in Texas and it's really cold. I'm not too much of a fan of winter or cold winter at all. It messes with my eczema and it hurts, literally. The pandemic is starting to weigh on my subconscious and it’s making me easily irritated.

Cold winters + being stuck in Texas is not making me a happy person. I’m in desperate need of change and several vacations.


I finished reading YOU and Crenshaw. I also read a bunch of picture books with/to Tums since she's becoming more aware/curious about reading and books. Audiobooks have been a really nice thing now that I'm a busy mama, except when I get too sucked in and I get mad if ANYONE in the house makes ANY kind of noise lol. 

I'm trying to work my way through my NetGalley TBR as well as my Dec TBR, so, this is gonna be... interesting.


| You on Netflix

Started watching YOU on Netflix since my cousin wouldn't stop bugging me to. The show is a bit different than the book and I'm mad the Peach they casted is super cute cause I hated her in the book!

| Emily in Paris on Netflix

This is one a lot of people are talking about and I love all things Parisian! Plus a good friend I just reconnected with was also binge watching it. So far it's cute, in a she's so fuckin American kind of way. Emily gets on my nerves and so does Sylvie. The office guys are probably the best thing about the show oh and Mindy. I freakin love Mindy.

| Love Life on HBO Max

Kindaaaa the reason that really pushed me to get HBO Max (and FRIENDS, come on!). I'm like 2 or 3 episodes in and it's so... weird. It's basically like every episode is a "chapter" of a relationship. The concept is interesting, but where the heck do all these people find these huge lofts in NYC? Seriously?

| Great Greek Myths: The Illid on Amazon Prime

I love Greek Mythology and I was totally sucked into the first season of this series so of course I had to start the second season... esp since it dealt a bit with Troy. I'm always disappointed to realize that Athena or Aphrodite were behind some of the things I hated. And it had very little to actually do with Paris himself. However, I am still going to blame him cause wtf Paris? Seriously?


| Digital Coloring Books

I discovered DIGITAL COLORING BOOKS. And I've been having way too much fun with them. They're not AS fun as physical books but playing with texture and easy shading is fun. It has its pros and cons; but I love seeing what other people come up with. I'm convinced everyone on this app knows how to draw and it makes me want to learn even more.

| Procreate

I recently got an iPad to learn how to draw. I know, so extreme right? I ended up getting the iPad Air which in my opinion is super big for my small hands. I wish there was something between an Air and a Mini. 

| Christmas Shopping

I FINISHED MY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING. EARLY. For the first time ever. Super exciting. Now I just have to ship it. But at least it's all done!

We also got our Christmas tree and I opted for your basic green instead of my usual white. But I did get a mini pink tree for the bedroom! It's super cute.

I also got everyone (including the cat) an advent calendar this year. I got myself a popcorn one I saw that Paige had last year, Tums a Disney book collection on from Aldi -- I saw it on Amazon for $30 but it was at Aldi for $10 so, Bubba got a Funko DBZ one and Sophie got the kitty one from Trader Joe's.

| Other

I also got my Amazon Vine back; I got to review 2 sets of Animal Crossing Amiibo cards so I finally got most of my dream villagers!

Bubba made me a lot of Mickey strawberry pancakes and omg I could really go for one right now!

| Shopping

Sometimes I really hate posting unedited photos, but I uploaded these at like 3AM for future me lol. So, thanks past me.

VIP MAC members got SUPER early access to their holiday collection this year which was nice! Wish they'd do this every year. I picked up a few things but they didn't have their usual pigment set for the holidays and the mini lippies weren't really shades I'd wear. I did get an eyeshadow since it's been awhile since they've released a red one! And I also got a lip stick in my usual dark purple type of shade. It's not as dark as I had hoped it would be though and the formula isn't matte so I can't really build it up like I'd like.

Anthropologie joined the Afterpay fam and so I made a small haul with them. Even with Afterpay some of their shit is STILL expensive! I got a set of cute soap bars. I'm a fan of fancy soap bars. I'm just sad that there are 2 I want that aren't part of this collection but I thought this was a better deal. PLUS they're made in France! And I got this lip balm from Winky Lux that has been on my wish list FOREVER for no reason at all other than it's glittery. The shade changes color as you wear it. I didn't really believe that until I swatched it on my hand and an hour later it was this bright pink color. 

I'm a sucker for any lip balm honestly. And if you've been here awhile you know I haul lip balm during the holidays like crazy. I'm esp a sucker for cotton candy and sugar cookie lip balms. Softlips has discontinued my favorite sugar cookie one by them years ago. It was my Winter go to for sooo long. I'm still bummed about it and no other can compare but yet I still search! There's a few new interesting flavors that came out this year, so I'm pretty excited about that!

Made my holiday scents order with Zeep Bath. I love their wax melts! Plus they last for such a long time and the throw is perfect. 

| Thanksgiving

This was the first Thanksgiving Bubba didn't go to his parents house for; we stayed home and made Thanksgiving ourselves. I've attempted this a few times when I live on my own and everything came out just okay.

Bubba really out did himself with the turkey for sure. It was perfect. He did roasted veggies from a Hello Fresh recipe we had earlier that week that I loved. He also made mashed potatoes, stuffing and a mac and cheese bake.

I got to use my early Christmas gift: a Kitchenaid (YAY) to make "Texas Roadhouse" like bread. It was so fun! I had meant to make the candied yams but Bubba ended up using his cast iron for that instead.

November is always such a weird month for me. And being somewhere where it's COLD doesn't really help the seasonal depression or whatever weird struggle it is I have with November. I just know it didn't really impact me when I was in Florida like it does when I'm in Cali or Texas.

Speaking of, it's getting freakin cold here in Texas and I'm already over it. At least I won't be tempted to "brave the cold" to go to holiday events and get up irritated cause I get cold super easy. Aiming to spend the holidays in Florida next year!

How did your November go?

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