Christmas Tree 2020

Monday, December 7, 2020


This year I decided to step outside of my “comfort zone” and get your typical green tree. As much as I wanted a white tree I couldn't find one that was at least 6" and affordable at the time we were looking for one. We got rid of our last one when we moved (no elevator here at the new place so a lot had to go).

This year's color theme was navy blue and bronze/burlap. I was heavy debating on navy blue and ice blue but most of the ice blue ornaments I found weren't icy enough. The only problem with this is that at night the navy blue ornaments kind of blend into the tree. But during the day it doesn't. Still, the tree itself came out really pretty. I really like how my husband uses ribbon, I suck at placing garland so the fact he uses ribbon gives it something extra without looking like a hot mess. Maybe next year I'll go around fairy-fy the tree lights.

I won't say that the tree is complete since it's missing some of my traditional ornaments; but also that I have no idea where they are. I know I have some in some of my vanity bins but I'll have to find them through the week so I can put them up before Christmas!

We usually pick a few special ornaments that match the theme of our tree, those we always keep. Here's a few from this year's theme.

It's very woodland themed and I love it!

The tree itself isn't flocked which is fine, but I love that the pinecones are. And of course I had to add either a polar bear or an owl somewhere in every tree. This year it's polar bear's. But just one. Cause Tums stole the other one.

And a reindeer puff.

This was one of those things I saw at the store and I just had to have one.

Tums is almost 2, but she hasn't seemed interested in the tree or the ornaments on it anymore. The first week she was stealing all the filler balls and bouncing them around the apartment. I get they're non break but WHY do they BOUNCE?! I didn't even opt to put all of them on there, just the textured and glitter ones.

I'm the worst at decorating tree's, I swear. I always feel like the same colors end up too close together. Or it looks too cluttered (but honestly, aren't "cluttered" tree's the most well decorated?) so I try to space everything out, but then I get stressed and Bubba has to come in and fix it.

Honestly, I didn't really start decorating tree's until I started having Christmas here in Texas. Bubba is BIG on Christmas so he usually doesn't say shit when I start picking up decor as soon as Target gets them

But everything has to match our tree's color scheme. The garland, the lights (that aren't on the tree but around), the wrapping paper and all the other decor around the house has to have similar colors. It's fun to find things that match... but it can also be stressful when you're searching for wrapping paper.

Bubba's been bugging about a Disney themed tree for the last 3 years, so I think that's what we're doing next year!

I also have 2 other smaller tree's; one in the office and one in the master bedroom. He thought I was kidding when I said I wanted a tree in every room. Hah, nope. I wasn't kidding.

Do you theme your tree's? Or do you just have staple ornaments? 

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