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Sunday, December 20, 2020

When I was 16 I went through my first major break up and at the time it was devastating as I guess every first break up is; but my ass took it way too hard. I stopped going to school. I was too depressed to do anything, even get out of bed. I just couldn't understand why I wasn't enough (so glad I got over this set back in my 30's). And after we broke up my ex gave me the coldest shoulder. I mean, ok, I was a little psycho back then with no remorse but still! This dude hurt me. It's been almost 20 years and he still won't talk to me lmao!

During that time I did my first self reflection. Learned about rebuilding myself and knowing myself better. I rented a ton of movies that I still watch every winter. I got more serious about blogging every single day... literally. Back when Xanga and LiveJournal ruled the blogging world. I learned to love myself regardless of what he or anyone else thought about me.

So this time of year reminds me of the sadness I endured but also the obsession with rebuilding and getting to know myself.


| Serendipity

This was such an unexpected movie I fell in love with. It's so cheesy but I love it so much! I watched it every night before bed the week I rented it. And even now; 19 fuckin years later (holyyyy shit) it's my go to movie when I feel miserable. I have no idea why. But I just love everything about this movie. Esp the guy who works at Bloomingdales who jips Jonathan into buying the whole Spring line lmao.

It also made me super obsessed with trying Serendipity (a very real place in NYC). My mom actually went and tried it FOR me, brought me back some Hot Chocolate mixes and a cookbook! In 2009 when I got married in Vegas I finally got to try it and OMG their Frozen Hot Chocolate? AMAZING. I love it. I'm sad to hear they closed down the Vegas location. I went every year for my birthday after that!

| Bring it On

I mean, I don't think I need to say much about why I love Bring it On. But this is definitely one of my favorite parts lmao. I still think they shoulda beat they asses!

| Next Friday

Well, here go my ghetto showing. My brother got tired of hearing me watch sappy rom-com's so he made me sit down and watch Next Friday. I can't remember if we were high at the time or not but I do remember I could NOT stop laughing. Even when I watch it now (also 19 years later) I still crack up at the same parts.

DaeDae and Baby D always got me rolling. How he talks about how she got them bootleg snacks. My cousin use to throw that scene at me every time I got excited about snacks lmao.


These have nothing to do with being 16 or my first breakup lol. I was a serious book buchlogger in 2009 up until I did my Disney College Program in 2011. Working 16hrs a day gave me no time to read. Let alone sleep. But in those years I found a lot of favorites.

I miss my book blogging days because I'd come across so many awesome reads. I miss the feeling of falling in love with a book. There's only one book I try to read every year (which has now become a Netflix original)! The rest are books I'm hoping to get to this December!

| Dash and Lily's Book of Dares by Rachel Cohn & David Levithan

I honestly had ZERO idea what I was getting into when I picked this one up. I don't think I got this for review, but I did get the second one for review.

I fell in love with both Dash and Lily; mostly Lily. I loved the idea of "meeting someone" in a book store. And the secrecy of who they were was really cute. I haven't watched the show yet but I plan to, hopefully BEFORE Christmas.


| In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren

I read Hazel & Josh's Guide to Not Dating a year or two ago? And absolutely loved it! I admit I haven't picked up any of this author's reads since then but there was no way I was going to pass this one up! It's currently what I'm reading/listening to on audiobook. Thanks Scribd!

| The Twelve Days of Dash and Lily by Rachel Cohn & David Levithan

I haven't finished reading this series, I'm not really sure why besides the last few years have been really bad in terms of reading. I'm trying my best to do a better job of playing catch up but Dec has made it a bit difficult.

| A Wild Winter Swan by Gregory Maguire

I have this unrealistic expectation of Gregory Maguire books; I know I'll love them, but this is like, the highest fantasy I've ever read and I tend to get confused or you know, the book is just so damn thick it's intimidating. I'm doing this one on audio (yes thanks to Scribd) as well and the first chapter was in a whole different language??

| Love Your Life by Sophie Kinsella

I'm not even going to express my love for Sophie's work. I wasn't a big fan of Confessions of a Shopaholic which is weird since I love me some good retail therapy but I did fall in love with I've Got Your Number

Winter is my favorite time of year to just stay in bed and bundle up watching movies or reading books. I wish I had a reading chair, maybe that's something I'll look into for 2021!

2020 hasn't been the jam for most people; I guess this is our version of The Great Depression. I've been away from home since 2013. That's the last Christmas I spent with my family and the last time I saw my dad. I was really hoping to go home for the holidays this year, be around family. Because in the light of losing my dad I realize just how important your own family and support system is. My friends and my cousins have always without judgement or question had my back since day 1. And I'm so lucky to know some of these friends for 30-something years. Nothing compares to them, that, or our bond. 

And with people trying to step in claiming they're my support system when they don't or don't even care to get to know me; it's really put a lot of things in perspective. But toxic narcs will always be toxic narcs and that's fine. I'm 100% fine sitting here with my girls, my snacks and my movies.

What are some of your favorite movies or reads for winter?

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  1. I've just finished In a Holidaze and I love the time loop element! The romance is cute too! I really enjoyed Dash & Lily's Book of Dares so I ordered The Twelve Days of Dash & Lily a couple of days ago - I can't wait to read it later this week!

    Serena /