Galentines Day 2021

Monday, February 22, 2021

Valentine's Day has always a holiday I kept to myself. I wasn't like everyone else in Middle and High School that got those Valentine's Day Grams. I think my forever friend CJ was my Valentine for like the last 2 hours of the day once lmao. So it became a holiday that I used to show myself love. It sort of started the whole getting gifts for myself thing I'd do. I do kind of have an ironic Valentine's Day story that I'll probably blog about some time before Feb is over. I don't think I've told anyone about it -- except my brother (my actual biological brother) since he's the one who helped me!

I review products for Amazon so it's not strange to get a bunch of packages from Amazon on a daily basis; but when I opened this I had no idea who it was from because it wasn't something I requested for review?!

And I was honestly SUPER confused, so I checked the note attached.

 Sammie was my best of best friends in high school; we drifted because we dated some shit people who did some shit things. It wasn't until a few years ago we reconnected and especially now since we both now have kids. Austin is super cute and Tums spent a good amount of FaceTime time saying hi to him. I hope they can grow up to be friends!

I absolutely was not expecting this!! I feel SO bad because I didn't send her anything! But I did manage to send her a small xmas gift and one for Austin as well. 

I'm super excited to try these Hot Cocoa Bombs just to see what all the hype is about -- as for the Sparkling Cider; we would celebrate the holidays over AOL together (she lived in SF and I lived about 40 mins away, and usually we'd be with "our families") and we'd ALWAYS drink Cider. It was like, tradition.

So last Thanksgiving I forgot to get Cider and she was saying how unacceptable it was so she tried to DoorDash me some lol! For Christmas she tried sending me a bottle but it somehow got lost.

Thank you so much for this gift Sam, it was seriously so freakin thoughtful of you and it made my day! 

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