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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

 Normally I'd be SUPER excited for Spring and Valentine's Day; the splashes of pinks and reds everywhere, the fresh Spring air smell (that you get to enjoy in the 3 second gap between getting out of your car and putting on your mask), the feeling of waking up almost.

Except here in Texas, which I've dubbed hell.

Cause it's frozen over.

As I write this it's 7* outside. It's been in the single digits all day. And there's so much snow on my balcony I can literally build a snowman. We were on a severe winter weather warning from Feb 12th to the 15th. But now they're extending it until Thursday. That's damn near the whole week.


So there's no joy or refresh feelings here just yet. And it kinda sorta sucks.

Still, I wasn't going to not do anything I could to add a splash of pinks and reds (as if I don't already have enough)!

Did a small Bath & Body Works haul last month (did you know PayPal started a payment plan program? Lort. My bank account); I finally managed to snag a Valentine's Day candle that doesn't smell like roses. I want to say I've had the Bee Positive hand soap scent once and didn't like it enough. And the Be You scent is so soft. So soft it's almost like it isn't even there.

I'm so in love with the Sugared Lemonade candle! I'm a sucker for anything B&BW and citrus. I don't know what it is, but it always makes me want to eat candy. It's a different scent from Sugared Lemon Zest for sure but I can't really describe how or why. If you love citrus/lemon scents I'd give this one a wiff. 

It's slightly different from the other lemon scents I've had. I kind of prefer this one of the rest of them!

Valentine's Day 2021 might not be what it usually is, but it's always been my self holiday so picking out things to celebrate was something extra extra to look forward to this year.

Hope you all had a wonderful and safe Valentine's Day! And warm, if you're stuck in this weird snow whatever we're having!

I was falling asleep when I wrote this and all I remember is dozing off twice before giving up and shutting my laptop... I tend to write when I'm asleep, and this is what I found. I don't remember writing any of this lmao. I use to tell my forever friend CJ that my sleeping aid was kicking in and I won't remember anything he says 20 mins before I pass out lmao!


Or a ride to your place.

I've fallen so hard off my mindful madness, tht's hear it from 2 different cops are diderent.

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