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Monday, March 1, 2021


Texas got some snow... well a lot of snow.

I'm a Californian turned Floridian so I have ZERO experience with snow. And though I kept wishing for snow when I moved here... I didn't wish for this much snow!

We went from one mini snow day in January; which was fine and super fun. The snow melted out the next day but it was so pretty to see everything covered in snow that day! And yeah, some of it got in Tums face lol.

To snow all day on Valentine's Day. We woke up to snow and here's Tums pointing to snow and cars. Yes, people were still driving. It's Texas, Texans don't know what to do with snow. Hell they can't even drive right when it's not snowing.

The rest of the week was snow on and off as well as 0* on and off. It was crazy. Then peoples power started going out, then their water. The shelves in stores were wiped out (they still kinda are). We were put under a boil water before consuming warning (which coming from Florida, that wasn't anything new to me). For the next couple days it really really sucked. We were pretty much trapped inside, unless you were one of the people who were driving around on SNOW roads.

Def not how I had planned to spend my Valentine's Day this year. But it was really cool to see. I don't know if you can tell by the last photo but there was enough snow on my balcony to build a snowman, no joke. That's freakin crazy!

The day before everything melted I walked to 711 to get some bottled water for Tums bottles. That was an experience!! I don't know how many times I almost slipped. Or tried really hard not to sink into the snow since I only had regular boots. I don't even have clothes for 8* weather!! Who has time for that?!?

Luckily our power didn't go out during the snow storm but just to make sure I did my best to keep all of me and Tums stuff charged. I even charged all the external battery banks I had, just in case!

I am obviously by no means and expert on getting through a snow storm but here's a few things I did to try and keep calm the whole week;

  • Did my best to make sure everything was charged
  • Was thankful for the fact that I have a lot of canned goods
  • Finding activities outside of technology is actually kind of hard! I'm thankful for the adult coloring books and the fact I needed to clean anyway and what better time
  • Made sure my candles + a lighter was in reach at all times
  • Also kept track of where my blankets were
  • I didn't take the fact we had water and electric for granted -- I made sure if we lost both we'd still have a way to be comfortable while we waited
The hard part is not knowing when something like this will happen -- unless it's been shown that snow is part of where you live, naturally. Luckily I had all those canned veggies. I know now to be better prepared!

Do you get snow where you live? What are some tips you'd give someone who's new to that kind of weather?

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