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Thursday, March 4, 2021

 2021 is the year of the Ox; my year. So I might had gone a bit crazy trying to find a ton of year of the Ox products. Hey, it doesn't happen every year okay? lol

Colourpop released a more extensive collection this Lunar New Year than the one they released last year. I love the packaging for this! All the reds and golds just call me like the horizon calls Moana. Well, okay it doesn't call me that intensely, but you get the point.

Colourpop released two palettes with this collection; Get That Coin (left) and Lucky Ox (right). The shades in both are pretty similar. If you have other Colourpop palettes I don't feel like you'd need both of these.

And while the palette case is really cute the thing that bothers me is that it's not an actual palette it's just pressed shadows in a palette. I didn't bother to check if these were shades in their permanent collection -- please don't tell me if they are lol.

In the collection was also a lip kit, a lip mask and a few blushes. I don't wear blush so I never really reach for those. I haven't swatched the lip kit just yet either.

I recently posted a review of the other lip mask I had tried from Colourpop and wasn't too much a fan of. I still want to try this one and see if it's the same.

I'm glad I managed to snag a few products from this collection!

What's your Chinese Zodiac?

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