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Friday, March 5, 2021


 Oh wow, it's March already?

Anyone else feel like Feb was both the longest and shortest month? It's kinda weird. A lot happened in Feb which is probably what made it feel so long for me. Thankfully we're one step closer to summer. After that weird random snow storm here in Texas I'm MORE than ready for hot humid weather. Or well, as humid as Texas can get, I guess.

The next couple months are going to (hopefully) be exciting (if nothing gets prematurely cancelled). And I really really need a break from chores, life and the mundane.

I'm also convinced that Texas pissed off someone somewhere because all this bad juju coming to TX is not it. First the snow storm, then people losing power FOR DAYS and clean water. Then now this; them lifting the mandatory mask and now allowing businesses to operate at 100%. Like really? Some people are still trying to recover from the dang snow storm but sure, I guess this is more important. What makes it worse is that TX barely took it seriously to begin with. The amount of Texans I know who GOT covid is unreal. Seriously.


Lemme get into my goals before I go on a full blown rant lol;

  • Finish rebranding Hazearella blog & IG
  • Work on work projects
  • Fix my mic so I can stream Animal Crossing
  • Fix/replace iPad & laptop
  • Book Tums bday plans early
  • Plan Easter baskets early
  • Middle Grade March TBR
  • Plan birthday plans
  • Tidy office closet

This month is already going to be time consuming as it is and so is next month, and as much as I really want to load up my plate like a crazy person so I can be way busy... my mental health is like nah. We not doing that.

If I can squeeze more time to do more then I will, but I won't put myself up to it just because. I need to learn to be okay with not doing anything sometimes. It doesn't mean the day was a fail just because I don't check everything off my to do list for that day. That's not it at all.

Here's to a productive and chill March.

What are some things you're hoping to get done this month?

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  1. I didn't know there was such a thing as Middle Grade March! Did you come up with it? :D My dad just brought me a bunch of Middle Grade books and now I'm super excited to read them this month.

    I always get happy when I see you post! I meant to post earlier but I had school work and stuff :') Glad I have time to interact now with one of my favorite blogs xx !

    I hope you get to do a lot of the stuff you want to do for March, Hazel! :D Take care!

    Mari |