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Sunday, May 2, 2021


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I'm one of those people who just couldn't find a wax melt from Scentsy that I liked. All the ones I had chosen previously were too strong and actually caused headaches (which never happens). So I'm pretty picky and hesitant about a few scents from Scentsy since some can be a little too much. And without being able to sniff them before buying, you're relying on the listed scent notes.

Someone on Instagram suggested I try Scentsy's Squeeze The Day; I'm a sucker for citrus scents as it is, they massively help when I have anxiety especially at night so I tend to melt a lot of citrus scents during bed time if my chest dubstep is going extra dubby. I tend to light lots of citrus scents through out the day in the kitchen as well, but I'm finding lately that candle scents I usually light (at least from Bath & Body Works) don't perform as well as they use to.

This one however smells like a straight up Starburst. It kinda makes my mouth water when it's melting. I don't even know the last time I had a Starburst but I think I might have to get some. The throw is strong but the scent isn't too strong that it can cause nausea and headaches. It's almost like lemon and vanilla cake. There's an extra hint of something else there that's making this balance work. One cube is usually enough for my bedroom, but for a much more open space either a cube and a half to two cubes (depending on how you want your throw) would be perfect.

The last order I made I ended up getting 3 of these as backups because I go through them so fast! I absolutely love this scent. I'm hoping to try out more citrus scents from them; I actually have Rainbow Sorbet (which was also suggested to me) on the way, so I'm hoping it has the same kind of citrus notes.

I recently signed up to be a Scentsy rep (I'm really just here for the Disney products because they're actually fire. Of all the Disney wax melts they've released in the last year there's only one I really don't like -- reviews on the others coming soon either here or on my Disney blog). If you're interested in trying out Squeeze The Day my current launch party runs until June 1st!

Join my launch party, look around, grab a drink and kick back!

Have you tried Scentsy? What's one of your favorite scents? 

I'm always up to test new ones! Let me know in the comments below! And if you haven't, what's your favorite type of fragrance family?

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