2021 Recap; November

Monday, December 27, 2021

No idea why I waited this long to start doing recap posts but here we are lol! I know it's way late but I'm still going to recap November since a lot seemed to happen... 


I didn't finish my October Reading Challenge this year and I'm low key upset about that but it is what it is; reading now a days is a lot harder with a clingy toddler to watch/take care of and a whole business to run. I did manage to finish one book but I kinda hated it so.


I don't think I watched anything different this month? I can't remember if I watched Hamilton in October or November but that was the most recent new thing I've watched and I AM OBSESSED. No joke.


I went back to dying my hair teal again; I love it. It makes me feel like me so much!

I've been loving the new update for Animal Crossing: New Horizon. I managed to get on a shooting star island from Kappa. THAT was freakin cool. I see all these crazy Happy Home Designer houses on Instagram and I'm like just how. I'm so off my designing game. Speaking of games, I also resubbed to FFXIV to prep for the new expansion but didn't end up finding time to catch up.

I also got my first tarot card deck! Casey has been trying to help me understand it more but it's been awesome being able to do my own reading. I like to ask a lot of questions lol.

I managed to spend some of my time in Orlando for the holidays! I'm so so glad I was able to go home! I'm disappointed Magic Kingdom had less Christmas stuff and more 50th Anniversary stuff. I mean, I get it, I do, but like come on?! I also got to go to Universal for the first time and it was so epic! I loved it! I got to see my friend Angely as well who I haven't seen in years. It was so nice to catch up with her and see her play with Tums. Which Tums was not about her at first but she softened her up with Honey Buns and food. She's def my kid lol.

I went back to certain places to change memories. It was crazy going back to those places and realizing how much time has passed. How much I've changed since then. 

No one really knows the significance of this stair case or this resort but it was def one memory I wanted to change while I was there. And I feel so much better now that I have.

I also spent a lot of time talking to my BFF's Audrey and Dru this month. Audrey finished her flight attendant training and I'm so so proud of her! And Dru is still... Dru lol. They both have crazy work schedules which is fine cause I have a crazy sleeping schedule. So it works out lol. I miss them both though and I really want to go home to see them!

I also started having hang out/Target dates with my friend Casey. Like, the only friend I have here in this area of Texas. And it's been fun! She's so chill and laid back and we both love Target lol. So it works. 


Trader Joe's Sour Jelly Beans;

I'm usually not the type to think anything is really sour but these right here? THESE RIGHT HERE? Yeah these make me wince. Tums however was popping them in her mouth like they were nothing. Alright hardcore baby, whatever you say. Then again she eats Hot Cheetos like no ones business too.

Mtn Dew Gingerbread Snap'd;

I really don't have much to say about this except it's exactly what it sounds like? I mean, it was crazy to try for sure. But also... it tasted like a straight up Gingerbread cookie... liquified. It wasn't horrible but it wasn't fun either.

Costco Udon;

Okay I started buying food from Costco and nothing I've tried so far have been bad. In fact a lot of the stuff I have tried have ended up on my weekly staples list. But this Udon? It's like... real Udon. I freakin love this stuff!!

And of course a bunch of snacks from Disney and Universal which will probably get its own post here or on my food blog.

How was your November? Did you do anything special?

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