Review | Bath & Body Works Sugared Lemonade candle

Monday, January 3, 2022


It's really no secret I'm a sucker for Bath & Body Works lemon scented candles so of course I had to pick up Sugared Lemonade just to see how it would stack up against other lemon scents.

Fresh Lemon Juice, Sugar Crystals and Crushed Ice.

Not sure what Crushed Ice is suppose to smell like. But nah didn't detect that one in this candle. The lemon wasn't as strong as I expected it would be and stacked up against the other B&BW lemon candles I did like this one enough to buy another one. I low key expected this to smell almost like lemonade but that might had been a bit unrealistic. While the lemon isn't as strong as I'd like it to be, it's still a really nice soft citrus scent. If you're into that or aromatherapy with citrus scents then yeah 4/5 would recommend. 

It's no secret that I love scents that just scream Spring Refresh to me, especially since I'm not a huge fan of Winter to begin with and this one was a perfect balance of being in-between seasons.

Hoping to pick this one up again if they ever re-release it in the future!

Did you pick this one up?

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