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Wednesday, June 28, 2023



Cozy gaming is finally a thing and I am here for it! I've always been a casual gamer and people will/use to say that females or casual gamers weren't gamers. Cozy gaming was my go to after working 7 days a week. I'd often fall asleep playing Animal Crossing New Leaf or Sudoku or a game called... omg I don't remember but it was a chill easy puzzle like game with super soothing music. It often put me to sleep.

I spent a lot of time playing cozy games on the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo 3DS, I wish I had brought most of my collection with me when I moved but sadly they're still sitting on my childhood room. I'll get them some day.

Over the years I've realized I'm a sucker for MMORPG's, cute RPG's and most farming sim games. Having to narrow this down to my top 3 favorite cozy games is pretty hard but if you're into gaming content and blog posts I do have a gaming blog here.

My 3 Favorite Cozy Games of All Time;


| Animal Crossing

I picked up Animal Crossing New Leaf in 2006 on a whim during a random Target run. I had never heard of the game and didn't know anything about it. But honestly, this is how I came across some of my favorite games. On a random Target run.

Since then I've played all the Animal Crossing games that followed.

| Super Mario Bros

I'm talking the old school Super Mario, Super Mario Bros 2 + Super Mario Bros 3. Those were my jam. And though they weren't always a cozy experience, they were pretty chill. They also were the reason my gaming addiction started. Especially Super Mario 2. Such an under rated game!

| Final Fantasy XIV

Hear me out. I get it. MMO's aren't usually "cozy games". But they def have the potential to BE. I'm not one for MSQ or side quests... don't ask... I'm just not. It drives my husband crazy to see all of the quests on my mini map whenever he's on my account and walking into... well... anywhere lol! 

I spend a lot of my time gathering and crafting. I'm a sucker for gathering and crafting in any game. So for me, playing FFXIV is cozy and relaxing because that's all I pretty much do lol. I love making money on FFXIV and seeing my savings build -- something I aspire to do in real life. As well as keep plants alive, but that's another topic for another day!

You can usually find me standing around in Limsa just staring out into the water or at the Fishing Guild if I'm having a bad day. This place has been my get away for the last 7 years.

Over the years I've came across other games that I find myself not just drawn to, but obsessed with and I live for the moments when I play a game and end up obsessed. I miss having that feeling with books but I'm glad I still get that feeling with something. And I've always been into and passionate about games. 

Do you game? What are some of your go to games?

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