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Tuesday, May 14, 2024

 I thankfully got to celebrate my birthday like I usually do this year -- at Disney World. It's been a tradition to celebrate my birthday at Disneyland since I was 22. Then on my 25th birthday I started celebrating it at Disney World. I missed it the last 2 years because of... reasons. But now that that reason isn't around anymore, I'm free to celebrating my birthday the way I want.



It felt so good to go home after 2 years of being away. I miss my life in Florida all the time. I miss the weather. I miss my friends. I miss the ability to go to Disney when I want. I miss the little lizards you have to dodge in the Spring when their eggs hatch. I miss the weird Florida wildlife that always confused and surprised me. My life was always busy and exciting when I was in Florida. And it's just the one place I'm ever really truly happy.



Being there with both my girls? Even better. I had the best time. Tums is tall enough to ride things and she sure did spend a lot of the time riding everything she could with her dad. Then taking me on the rides and saying "it's okay mama, don't be scared, I'm here. Here, hold my hand if you get scared." she is literally the best little person in my life.



We were on Test Track (the first time I ever got on it, finally) and during the speed test Tums screams out "OH FUCK" then she screams out "mama don't tell daddy I said thattttt" lol.




Winnie's first flight went amazingly well. She slept the majority of the flight and was so calm. Tums however, would not let anyone sleep. I was getting so mad. Especially since we had to get up at 3 and ended up still missing out flight. Lesson learned, NO MORE 6am FLIGHTS lmao. I'm not going to go into how many times we've delayed ourselves.



Usually if it's just me and Bubba we hit the parks as soon as we get there but since we had the girls, we took day 1 as Disney Springs day. I made a reservation at T-Rex cause I knew Tums would love it. It's the same idea as The Rainforest Cafe but with Dino's. She absolutely loved it and thought the Meteor Shower was so cool. I'm glad. I was a little worried she'd get scared. But she loved pointing out all the baby Dino's with their mama's. We got seated in the Ice Cave. I've only eaten in this area one other time but it's probably my favorite.



If I don't take a pic of the Disney Springs lake, am I really at Disney Springs?! This sight is much more gorg at night. It felt so fuckin good to be home. To stand on this bridge and to see the things that make my soul feel so much lighter and clear. And to run around Disney Springs is always a good time. I miss it so much already.



The next day we had a reservation at Ohana for breakfast; Tums has been into Stitch lately and I thought it would be the perfect chance for her to meet him. There are several other places you can, but I figured this would be the best way. She snatched all the Mickey waffles first of all. And didn't want to take pics with anyone but Pluto lol. I had Winnie dressed as Lilo and Stitch was playing peek a boo with her. It was the cutest thing ever.



As far as the meal, because Winnie is allergic to eggs we had to mention vegan options. They were so amazing with bringing her her own breakfast all you can eat plate with vegan options. They made the whole thing so easy and hassle free. I plan to write about this on my Disney food blog I'm launching later this month.

We also might had ate all of the vegan version of breakfast. The vegan eggs were mf amazing. I loved them. We might had also fought over the vegan cinnamon doughnut they gave her instead of the pineapple coconut bread they usually start you off with. 



Pro tip Winns: If you say "nah I'm good" please believe the rest of us will not hesitate to take it off your hands. SO BE SURE YOU'RE GOOD before you say you are lol.


I love watching the girls sleep together, they're so sweet. Even when sleeping. Winnie loved those pillows. At the end of the day when we'd set her on the bed the first thing she would do is plop her head on a pillow and start baby talking. It was so cute.



In 2013 they added food to the EPCOT Flower & Garden Festival. Every year I get the Frozen Violet Lemonade. This thing KILLS my migraines. I love it so much. This year, I had my daughter try it and I can't express how insane and surreal it was to share it with her (and to have her jack it from me). I never thought 11 years ago this would be a thing I'd do in my life... sharing F&G with my kid. But I love it. I enjoy taking her here every year I can. Sharing all the things I love about F&G with her and seeing her excitement over all the cool things... words can't express how happy it makes me. 



Pre Fantasmic selfies are our thing. Hollywood Studios is her favorite park and Fantasmic is one of her favorite things -- I use to take myself on date nights to Fantasmic when I worked at Disney. So sharing this with her is amazing to me. I started watching it myself at her age, but the Disneyland version. I'm so glad I can pass this down to her. Watching her reaction through out the show is always my favorite thing to watch haha. She gets so into it! And her pulling her sister into it this time? Priceless.



And finally being able to watch Happily Ever After at Magic Kingdom on my birthday. Bubba and I waited 4 years, 3 pregnancies and 2 kids to watch this show! I'm so happy we finally got to see it and seeing the girls watching it with us was absolutely worth the wait. Tums and I also have a tradition of taking selfies on the carousel. It was a ride I'd get on by myself a lot cause my ex husband at the time thought it would be "gay" to get on with me. The first time we took Tums to Magic Kingdom she REALLY wanted to ride it. So we ride it together every time we go. Usually at night. And take selfies. It's fun. I really love these moments with her and I can't wait to have moments like this with Winnie as well.



Despite having miscarried the week before the trip and having to spend a day in the ER the day before we left; my family made sure I had a stress free and soul cleansing birthday trip. Bad things happen, and people can stress you to the point of tragedy. But just because you're having a bad moment doesn't mean it's a bad life. It doesn't mean you're a bad person. We're all trying our best. We're all trying to figure it out. And if people want to shame you, shit talk you, or put you down for the choices you make in your life that literally have nothing to do with them -- that's a reflection of them, not you.


Thank you Tums & Bubba for taking me to Disney for my birthday. I loved it. I can't wait until our next trip. Hopefully without the double stroller lol.

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